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Jul. 17th, 2013

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Trigger warnings: the linked article talks about religion (Christianity, exorcism), occult spirituality, and sex.

July: An article in an online magazine about paranormal phenomena mentioned people who think of themselves as vampires, werewolves, and mermaids. The online magazine in question is called Who Forted? (est. 2008). The article is about the silliest questions on Yahoo! Answers about paranormal phenomena.

The author of the article, Greg Newkirk, remarks that his experience with paranormal things on the Internet includes that he has “hung out on vampire dating websites […] and even stumbled onto a forum full of people who claimed to be real-life werewolves.” That’s all the article says about those people.

The given selection of questions don’t deal with people who identify as vampires or werewolves. A couple of the given questions are by young women who hope to become mermaids. They appear to be “wanna-be mermaids” of the kind examined by Ketrino. See an earlier Otherkin News article about their subculture, which appeared around 2006.


Greg Newkirk, “ ‘I Need to Become a Mermaid as Soon as Possible. Pls Help.’ – The Best of Yahoo! Answers Paranormal.” 2013-07-12. Who Forted? http://whofortedblog.com/2013/07/12/i-need-to-become-a-mermaid-as-soon-as-possible-pls-help-the-best-of-yahoo-answers-paranormal/

O. Scribner, “Another mermaid subculture.” 2013-05-15. Otherkin News. http://otherkin-news.livejournal.com/34349.html
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Dragonkin by Lavie Tidhar, published by Tor Books, is a work of fiction dealing directly with the otherkin community and our beliefs, and what would happen if something happened which allowed us to take our true forms.  It deals with aspects of the otherkin community from awakening to headmates and otakukin.  Some liberties have, however, been taken with the addition of speculative additional kintypes not typically represented among the real otherkin community.

I'm not personally a fan of mixing genuine otherkin terminology and beliefs with fantasy in this manner, I think it makes it that much harder for people to find non-fictional information, but it is quite well written and worth a look. 

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