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 Looks like there might be a bit more media attention heading our way: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4468954/Man-spends-25k-plastic-surgery-elf.html


'I consider myself trans-species': Fantasy fan transforms himself into an ELF with £25,000 of plastic surgery including full body hair removal, skin bleaching and eye colouring


The article doesn't use the term otherkin, but anyone searching for "trans-species" is quite likely to find us, and I'm sure we will be mentioned in the comments sooner or later.
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Livejournal has been Russian-owned for some years, and they just moved their physical servers to Russia. In response, many people are migrating their content from Livejournal to Dreamwidth, and then wiping it from Livejournal, out of concern that having their content housed entirely in Russia could be bad for their privacy. This thread has some tips on how to migrate your content.

Like Livejournal, Dreamwidth is free to use, but Dreamwidth has no ads. If you migrate to Dreamwidth, it would be considerate to get a paid account there ($35/year) for yourself or others, just to help keep their site running without ads.

Otherkin News has now migrated from Livejournal to Dreamwidth. Our old archives will remain on Livejournal, but a copy exists on Dreamwidth as well. Otherkin News will continue to post on our Twitter, and then post digests/highlights to Dreamwidth. Then we'll link to those digests on our Tumblr. However, we will no longer post to Livejournal.
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Some highlights of what I posted to the Otherkin News Twitter (@otherkinnews) during the last few months.

About otherkin

Vice magazine ran an article about otherkin.

Journal of Language Works published an article on nounself pronouns. Cites the Nonbinary.org wiki and mentions otherkin.

Published in March, the book Youth Cultures in America briefly mentions otherkin.

A review of Danielle Kirby's book Fantasy and Belief, which writes about otherkin.

Due to the anti-transgender bathroom bills in the US during these months, newspapers ran anti-transgender opinion articles. As usual, some tried to undermine transgender people by comparing them to "trans-species." Some writers knew about otherkin, others didn’t. Cissexist hate speech isn’t worth featuring here.


Cyborg artist Neil Harbisson said at a transhumanist event, "I consider myself a transspecies because I’m adding senses and organs that other species have."

Art and glamourbombs

You know the intro scene in FernGully, with the cave wall covered in handprints from humans and tiny fairies? It's based on some actual cave art, which does feature handprints just like that. The tinier prints weren't human hands. Not fairies, either, though.

The Merrylin Cryptid Museum featured preserved remains of dragons, fairies, and other beings, all created by artist Alex CF. Since it's a hoax-like exhibit, Snopes explained it.

Snopes also had to address a viral photo of baby dragons being reintroduced to Wales, which originated as a Photoshop contest winner.

2015 Digest

Jan. 3rd, 2016 11:56 am
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Briefly, some news of interest to otherkin from 2015 that I haven't previously reported on this blog. In chronological order:

Read more... )

I have an idea for how I could run this blog in a way that I hope would be efficient enough to be manageable. I could post to our Twitter about news articles as soon as I find them. Then, at the end of each month, I could post a digest to here and to our Tumblr. It would just be a collection of headlines, links, and brief summaries, rather than whole articles of original writing with complete citations. What do you think?

As always, there's a lot of news out there and I can't do this alone, so anyone who can help out by posting news links in this blog as they find them would be very much appreciated.
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In an effort to help the otherkin community better understand itself, and to help the public understand the otherkin community, Kinmunity is introducing a 2016 otherkin community survey. The purpose of this survey is to learn more about the community, identify trends and correlations in the community, and to help the community understand itself better. This survey will probably be longer than most others you have encountered; this is because we aim for high quality results. Once the survey closes to responses, the data will be posted publicly with any personally identifiable information removed (although none is really collected in the first place!)

Click here to take the survey!
!DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK! - This survey link contains a unique acquisition code that says you've come from LiveJournal, if someone accesses it from outside LiveJournal their responses will be automatically discarded. If you wish to share a link with friends, share this one
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For those who haven't already heard, Sanguinarius of Sanguinarius.org passed away on the morning of Monday, August 3, 2015.  She had been fighting a long battle with various health problems including a recent stroke.  She was a highly respected member of the vampire community and will be greatly missed.

Her family has set up a GoFundMe account for donations in her memory and to help maintain the work she has done for the community: http://www.gofundme.com/ns36x8

Also, per her wishes, her site has been digitally preserved. A copy may be obtained in one of two ways:
Download as ISO via Bittorrent.
Download as ISO or RAR via HTTP.

More info here: http://merticus.com/vampirenews/2015/08/05/rip-sanguinarius-1970-2015-vampire-community-pioneer/

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Content warnings: none.

2015-02-11: Mikh'to and kiilas launched an early version of the Darkfang Archive, a directory of all kinds of resources for otherkin, therianthropes, and vampires. The new web-site has room to grow. From Mikh'to's description of the site, as given on the Elfinkind Digest mailing list, and quoted with permission:

"This is a curated database of otherkin, therianthropy and real vampirism sites, media and social spaces. It's partly inspired by otherkin.net and other older resource sites, and is trying to make an up-to-date online resource (it is not a wiki) that gives people a way to look into these things without problematic influences or needless dogma. It separates content by 'category', so each 'kintype'/'theriotype'/'phenotype', subgroup, experiential slant, mythos, etc. that is covered has its own page, so it doesn't lump everyone in into some big 'otherkin' umbrella. It is designed for both desktop and mobile browsers.

"It's currently in a 'preview' version - it's intended for feedback, so it's unfinished and possibly buggy. Data submissions are welcome and greatly appreciated. We are also interested in mirroring old/defunct sites and media in the future with permission."

Personally, I've browsed the site a little, and it looks like one of the most useful resources for the otherkin community that I've seen in some time. I hope some of our readers will offer feedback and help make the Darkfang Archive excellent.
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Content warnings: None.

On 2015-02-11, the Den Theater in Chicago, Illinois will have a stage performance about otherkin, Glick's Kin Folk. As far as I know, this is the first stage performance about otherkin, by that name. Description from The New Colony Side Stage:

"Staged Reading of Kin Folk
"February 11, 2015, 7:29PM
"Written by William Glick
"Directed by Evan Linder

"After being recently orphaned, Lucy must reimagine her life. She decides to come out of the closet and reveal her true identity to her family: a dragon named Kreeka. After the announcement, Lucy is more alone than she has ever been, and she must ultimately choose between her family and a new community known as Otherkin. On her journey, she meets a young man claiming to be an elf, a giant gnome named Blubberwort, and a werewolf from Montana who shows her what it means to lead a life driven by a belief in the fantastic.

"Featuring Kate Carson-Groner, Chris Fowler, Sarah Gitenstein, Andrew Hobgood, Steve Love, Liz Sharpe and Stephanie Shum."

Hopefully some otherkin in the Chicago area can see this performance and tell how they feel it represented them. In the comments, please give links to any forum threads, blog posts, or reviews of this event.
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Hi everyone!

Next month is Arisia 2015! Arisia is a volunteer-run convention that covers all aspects of science fiction and fantasy literature and media. We strive to create a big tent environment that builds community among the varied groups and interests within fandom.

This year, Arisia will be running a panel on the Otherkin community, on Friday, January 16th, at 5:30 PM. The panelists, all members of the Otherkin community, will discuss "Otherkin 101," the development and history of the varied Otherkin communities, common misconceptions about Otherkin, Otherkin experiences in SF fandom, and where the Otherkin community is headed in the future.

If you are or will be in town, please consider stopping by! Friday-only day-passes will be available (unless we sell out).
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Diagnosed Physical & Mental Conditions Of Self-Identified Real Vampires
Presented by Merticus of Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC & Vampire Community News (VCN) - November 12, 2014

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On October 20, 2014, Salix (formerly Sandstone, formerly Kodama) announced that Otherkinsight would be closing on the week of November 2nd, 2014.[1] In a post announcing the reasons for the closure, Salix stated: "Members have been extremely disrespectful to other members and consistently breaking rules. Moderators are having difficulty maintaining the peace, as am I." and "I am left with the difficult choice of either banning quite a few members or shutting down the site completely. Considering my other priorities, with a heavy heart, I choose to close down the site."[2]
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One year ago in Otherkin News: Two fictional "trans-species" parodies of trans people.

Eighteen years ago (1996) in the Otherkin Timeline: The earliest known update of Baxil's "Dragon Code." Baxil lost track of when he created this tool for dragon otherkin and roleplayers to describe themselves.
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Sixteen years ago (1998) in the Otherkin Timeline, Baxil created "The Draconity FAQ," an article about dragon otherkin.

Twenty-four years ago (1990) in the Otherkin Timeline, members of the Elfinkind Digest mailing list plan an otherkin gather. They have the gather in the next December.
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As I mentioned in a previous post, I've recently become aware of a spate of academic articles about otherkin.  I managed to get my hands on the first of them, "Othering among Otherkin: The discursive negotiation of the face-threat of exclusionary othering in a demarginalizing internet community" by Melanie Getzler.  I've skimmed it and it looks really great, but unfotunately I haven't had time yet to sit down and read it in depth.  It's much longer than other articles on the subject, as it is a Master's thesis - 82 pages.  One thing I will note is that it does not suffer from the same weakness that so many academic articles on otherkin and therians have in the past - that of being based on self-selected survey responses or interviews with a fairly small sampling of the community.  Ms. Getzler employed a different methodology to try to get a truly representative sampling and while I'd still like to see a broader study done I must say hers is the best attempt to date of which I am currently aware.

For those interested, I've saved a copy of the thesis here.

Apparently Ms. Getzler also wrote an undergraduate thesis on our community entitled "Here There Be Dragons: The Effect of Online Communities of 'Otherkin' on Philosophical Construction of Self-Identity".  I'm still looking for a copy of that, it is not available from ProQuest.

Another recent academic work is "Some People Aren’t People on the Inside: Online Connectivity and Otherkin Subjectivities" by Margaret Shane.  I don't have a copy of that one yet either, but I do know where it can be purchased.  I'm just leery of spending $30 on a 15 page paper.

Last but not least there's another article by Venetia Robertson focusing on the therian community: "The Beast Within: Anthrozoomorphic Identity and Alternative Spirituality in the Online Therianthropy Movement".  This paper may be downloaded for free from academia.edu, and I have backed it up here.

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On September 30, 2014, the program Hack by Australian national radio broadcaster Triple J aired an episode entitled "What's a Therian?"  In it, two Australian dragon therians were interviewed - if I am hearing them correctly, their names are Mosskinchar and Renthae.

The original story was at http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hack/stories/s4097695.htm but for some reason is no longer showing up properly on my browser.  An archived copy is available here: http://archive.today/AdAuR  The written text of the article is in addition to the audio, not a transcript of it.  The audio may currently be found here: https://soundcloud.com/triple-j-hack/whats-a-therian
[identity profile] jarandhel.livejournal.com

In 2012, Venetia Laura Delano Robertson of the University of Sydney, Department of Studies in Religion wrote a paper for Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies entitled "The Law of the Jungle: Self and Community in the Online Therianthropy Movement".  I've seen brief mentions of this article in a few places, but I've only recently gotten hold of a copy myself.  For those interested, a copy is now available here.  The work explores the idea that there are implicit initiations and rites of passage, and a hierarchy inherent to the therian community.  And it does make a good case for that.  Much of its content could also be extrapolated to the otherkin and vampire communities, in my opinion.

This is one of several recent academic works on the subject of otherkin which I have learned of, which brings me to one final thing: does anyone have access to ProQuest articles through their university library or another organization of which they are part?  There's one academic work in particular I'm looking to get, but as I'm not a member of any subscribing organization it would run me $38 for the pdf and I'd rather avoid that if possible.

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