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On September 30, 2014, the program Hack by Australian national radio broadcaster Triple J aired an episode entitled "What's a Therian?"  In it, two Australian dragon therians were interviewed - if I am hearing them correctly, their names are Mosskinchar and Renthae.

The original story was at http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hack/stories/s4097695.htm but for some reason is no longer showing up properly on my browser.  An archived copy is available here: http://archive.today/AdAuR  The written text of the article is in addition to the audio, not a transcript of it.  The audio may currently be found here: https://soundcloud.com/triple-j-hack/whats-a-therian
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Content warnings: None.

July 24: The House of Chimeras is assembling a list of audio and video resources about therianthropes. The audio resources include radio as well as podcasts. The video resources are limited to TV documentaries. The Chimeras want to know about more resources to add. They also want to know how best to share a database of the actual files.
You need to log in to the Werelist forum in order to view the forum post in question.


House of Chimeras, “Audio and video of the community.” 2013-07-24. The Werelist: A therianthrope community resource (forum). http://www.werelist.net/forums/showthread.php?t=33161

Posted with permission from the House of Chimeras.
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Content warnings: Publicity, spirituality. The linked page also talks about unrelated topics of paranormal phenomena, Christian relics, war, and death.

July: A person who identifies as a horse was interviewed on a radio program.
Coast to Coast AM is an overnight radio program about paranormal phenomena. It airs all over North America. On July 14, the host, Ian Punnett, interviewed Jason “The Horse.” Jason talked about other people who believe they are animals in spirit. Jason considers this interview a good experience. You can read about and listen to this episode on the program’s official web-site.

Jason the Horse has been interviewed on Coast to Coast AM before, as mentioned in an earlier Otherkin News article about him.


Ian Punnett, “Ian’s farewell show.” 2013-07-14. Coast to Coast AM. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2013/07/14
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While far from current and new news this is something we came across that might be news to them.

We recently came across a person who is called “Jason The Horse.” He is a person who believes he is a horse (a work horse to be exact if we are not mistaken) in a human body via reincarnation. He has had been on twice on an online radio show, has had several articles online written about him, he has personally written a small book through Lulu about his experiences, and even has had his book reviewed by several people online.

So far, the word therian or otherkin has not really been mentioned outright and in full nor has Jason himself during at least the radio show stated outright that he is a horse therianthrope. However, other people have used the word therian in reviews and comments on his book as well as during the latest radio show a dragon otherkin called in and asked Jason his views on otherkin plus he speaks of meeting other people that are animals in human form, so from there it is apparent he knows of the community to some fair extent. 

Here are some (there are more) articles about him -

Here are the radio shows he appeared on -
(For people that one to listen in without becoming a member, you can at least listen to the most current interview at Sanguinus Audio Archive for free - http://www.sanguinarius.org/audio.shtml )

And here is his book What If You Are A Horse In A Human Form? -

- Spiridon
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Trigger warnings for this article: sexuality. No graphic description here.

Recently, a caller on Loveline (a syndicated radio show) explained that she was a wolf therian, furry, and fursuiter, and discussed identity and sexuality. Flayrah, a furry news blog, has the NSFW details.

- O. Scribner

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