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For those who haven't already heard, Sanguinarius of Sanguinarius.org passed away on the morning of Monday, August 3, 2015.  She had been fighting a long battle with various health problems including a recent stroke.  She was a highly respected member of the vampire community and will be greatly missed.

Her family has set up a GoFundMe account for donations in her memory and to help maintain the work she has done for the community: http://www.gofundme.com/ns36x8

Also, per her wishes, her site has been digitally preserved. A copy may be obtained in one of two ways:
Download as ISO via Bittorrent.
Download as ISO or RAR via HTTP.

More info here: http://merticus.com/vampirenews/2015/08/05/rip-sanguinarius-1970-2015-vampire-community-pioneer/

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There seems to be a significant migration of otherkin to a new service: TurtleSeed.  I had never heard of this service before today, but from what I've been able to determine it is a service similar to Twitter which allows people to make microblog posts of 140 characters or less. TurtleSeed is unique, however, in that it is built from the ground up with an eye towards privacy, eliminating trolls, encouraging positivity, and even the ability to designate certain words as triggers in one's user settings. By default, turtleseed posts expire after 3 days, for privacy reasons, though one has the ability to change that setting on an individual level.

There are already a wide variety of otherkin "clans" on TurtleSeed.  These are roughly equivalent to facebook groups or livejournal communities, organizing around a particular discussion topic.  Some of these are public, while others require approval to join.  Some are permanent, while others have a set duration they will be in existence.  And some even allow all posts to them to be made anonymously.  One of these clans, /otherkinchat, already boasts ~328 members despite just having been created on August 20, 2014.  And it's more active than most otherkin groups I've seen, on any medium.

The otherkin clans of which I am currently aware are:

The communities there do seem to have been influenced, IMO, more by tumblr otherkin culture than the culture of the wider community, but the activity level definitely makes it something to keep an eye on.

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From what I hear, they're already open for posting again: http://forums.therianthropy.org For the folks who don't know, this is one of the oldest online therianthropy resources coming back after a hiatus of several years.  The old threads do not appear to have been archived as far as I can see at the moment.
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(The linked article lists its own trigger warnings.)

August: A trans woman and otherkin in the otherkin community named Jewelfox wrote an essay titled "Why trans* people hate otherkin (and otherkin hate fictives)." Jewelfox explains that why people who have unusual identities tend to disparage other kinds of unusual identities, and why that doesn't help them the way they think it does. She argues that although they're trying to defend their own legitimacy, they're unknowingly supporting the system that oppresses them, in vain hope to get mercy from it.

You can read the whole article. There are good insights in the comments, and on this other post about the essay.


Jewelfox, "Why trans* people hate otherkin (and otherkin hate fictives)." 2013-08-07. Jewelfox. http://jewelfox.dreamwidth.org/2013/08/07/why-trans-people-hate-otherkin.html
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Trigger warnings: The linked article lists headlines that mention violence.

July: Merticus has posted a list of last July's news articles of interest to the vampire community.


Merticus, "July 2013 in review." 2013-08-01. Vampire community news. http://merticus.com/vampirenews/2013/08/01/july-2013-in-review/
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Trigger warnings: None.

July: There's a new online forum for otherkin people who identify as dragons (also called dragonkin).1 It’s called The Dragonkin Lair. The forum "focuses on draconity alone."2 Other topics of conversation-- even other kinds of spirituality often linked with otherkin-- are considered off-topic. The forum is only meant for dragonkin, but "you are welcome to join even if you aren't otherkin."3


(The below sources are public "sticky posts" made by the administrator of the forum in question. They serve as the FAQ for the forum. They're not casual conversations, as other forum threads could be. For these reasons, I consider it ethical to cite from them.)

1. Razkhel (administrator of The Dragonkin Lair), “What is a dragonkin?” The Dragonkin Lair. 2013-07-02. http://dragonkinlair.forumotion.com/t1-what-is-a-dragonkin

2. Razkhel, “Rules of the dragonkin lair; read this before posting!” 2013-07-02. The Dragonkin Lair. http://dragonkinlair.forumotion.com/t6-the-rules-of-the-dragonkin-lair-read-this-before-posting

3. Razkhel, “The dragonkin lair is not a therian, fictionkin or multiplicity forum.” 2013-07-02. The Dragonkin Lair. http://dragonkinlair.forumotion.com/t4-the-dragonkin-lair-is-not-a-therian-fictionkin-or-multiplicity-forum
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Trigger warnings: None.

Published in July on Birds of a Feather, a blog about otherkin and therianthropes who identify as winged creatures, is an informal research essay by Faileas, "Wings." It's based on surveys of otherkin and therianthropes, regarding how they experience their sensations of phantom wings.

The essay has a copyright from 2005, so I'm not clear on whether this is a new essay.


Faileas, "Wings." 2013-07-02. Birds of a Feather. http://birdsofafeather.feralscribes.org/wings-faileas/
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Trigger warnings: The linked survey inquires about mental health in detail.

"The Therianthropy Research Group are pleased to announce our first research study is ready to go! We are conducting a quantitative questionnaire on therian mental well-being. [...] Whether you are a therian or a non-therian we would welcome your participation in this study." For more information, please see the current studies page of the Therianthropy Research Group's site. It includes a link to the online survey that you can take.

(For more background, here's the previous post on Otherkin News about the launch of the Therianthropy Research Group.)
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Trigger warnings: None.

June 18: The House of Chimeras created a video, "History of the Therian Community: Part 1 - 1993 to 1995," shown above. The Chimeras are a multiple system that includes therianthropes and otherkin. As a personal project and labor of love, the Chimeras researched, illustrated, and narrated this documentary about the origins of the therianthrope community. It focuses only on the therianthrope community, not on otherkin, which shows the difference between those communities.

In my opinion, the Chimeras' research is solid and highly detailed, and the illustrations are communicative and beautiful. It shows that a lot of work went into this. It's good to have such an engaging educational resource for newcomers who aren't clear yet about the history of therianthropy. Thank you all for making this wonderful video, Chimeras.

- O. Scribner


"History of the Therian Community: Part 1 - 1993 to 1995." 2013-06-18. http://youtu.be/H9Y-YaRS0Go or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9Y-YaRS0Go
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Trigger warnings: None.

Last May, in the Beyond Awakening blog for otherkin: a therianthrope/otherkin named Meirya rounded up a list of otherkin and therian projects that are calling for submissions. In short, this includes:

- Under the skin: Therian community voices, an anthology of short writings about being an animal person.
- Radiant obscurities, an anthology of writings about uncommon types of therianthropes and otherkin.
- The 2013 Therian Census, collecting demographic information about therianthropes.
- Project Shift, an informational site about therianthropy.
- Birds of a Feather, an anthology of writings about identifying as a bird or bird-like creature.

For more details on each project, and how to submit your work to it, see Meirya's post.


Meirya, "Calls for submissions." Beyond Awakening. 2013-05-30. http://thehornedgate.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/cfs/
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Official Public Release Announcement - May 20, 2013

Introducing The Global Vampi(y)re, Donor, Therian, Otherkin+ Community Directory

Thank you for participating!
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Trigger warnings: Much about belief in paranormal phenomena and occult spirituality.

Last month, Ketrino updated an informal collection of information about a subculture of mermaids that emerged around 2006. They’re real people-- mostly teenage girls-- who hope to physically become mermaids by doing magic spells. Some of them claim to already be real mermaids. Ketrino compares them to otherkin and therianthropes, noting that they’re isolated from those groups. These mermaids sound like a different group of people than the mermaids who were at MerCon.


1. Ketrino T. Ghoe, “A study of mermaids and mermaid wannabes on the internet.” Created 2012-05. Updated 2013-04. Ketrino’s otherkin essays, rants, and other writings. http://ketrino.angelfire.com/merstudy.html

2. O. Scribner, “Mermaid convention.” 2012-08-12. Otherkin News. http://otherkin-news.livejournal.com/23389.html
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VVC Public Transcript Meeting - September 23, 2012 - PDF:

VVC Public Transcript Meeting - September 23, 2012 - MSWord:

Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)
Public Meeting – September 23, 2012

Attendees (21):

Belfazaar – House Of Mystic Echoes & New Orleans Vampire Association (NOVA)
Claycat – Independent Representative
DarkFess – Russian Vampire Community
Delores DeMuse – House Of Muses
Heidica Northernlight – Norwegian Vampire Community
Horus Sat – Italian League Of Real Vampires (ALIRV)
Isealdor – House Etherium & Vampire Realm Of Darkness
Ithril – Independent Representative
Lady Slinky – Vampire Community Message Board (VCMB) & Western WA Vampires
Legardored – Dutch Vampire Community & Independent Representative
Lucien von Wolfe – The Nightside Society
Merticus – Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) & Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC
Mistress Mikyla – Vampire Church & Independent Representative
Octarine Valur – House Valur & South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA)
RavenHarte – Clann Caladvwlch
Sanguinarius – Sanguinarius.org
Spurn – Danish Vampire Community
Sylvere ap Leanan – Gathering Dusk & Vampires-Fetlife
The Pink Lady – Vampirism eList & New River Valley Vampires Meetup
Victoria – Detroit-Area Vampire Meetup
Xeurika – House Quinotaur

Discussion Agenda:

a. Examining The Responses From The Vampire Community Accountability Questionnaire - http://veritasvosliberabit.com/images/VampireCommunityAccountabilityQuestionnaire-Responses-07.30.12.pdf (PDF) - A Four-Part Question:  (1) Grandiosity, Narcissism, and Egotism to name just a few; how are these character traits among some self-identified real vampires advancing and/or hindering 'progress', education, and networking within the vampire community?  (2) What responses most alarmed you from the Accountability Questionnaire, and why?  (3) Does the vampire community possess the necessary motivation or skill set needed to effectively address the concerns and implement suggestions outlined in some of these responses?  (4) If you believe change is needed, where and how should we begin bringing it about?

b. Unintended Consequences Of Facebook & Smartphone Social Networking - A Four-Part Question:  (1) What are the pros and cons of Facebook groups for conducting vampire community discussions?  (2) Do you believe that Facebook and other smartphone-centered social networking platforms are enabling behaviors and attitudes which would not have otherwise presented in more structured forums, blog, and static website postings?  (3) Are self-identified vampires capable of achieving a broad environment of respect, cooperation, and non-combativeness without fragmenting into smaller tribes of like-minded individuals who choose to break off from the broader group?  (4) Do you believe the time has come to evolve past the highly subjective distinctions between the OVC (Online Vampire Community) and VC (Vampire Community) now that most of us are connected by technology, smartphones, and blended online/offline interactions?  In other words, should we more formally recognize that we are all sociologically part of the same community but share very diverse and sometimes irreconcilable differences in how we interpret our identity and/or practice our personal vampi(y)rism?

c. Donor Integration & Treatment In The Vampire Community - A Three-Part Question:  (1) Under what circumstances, if any, should donors be actively involved in vampire community politics or activities?  (2) As a vampire, how do you involve your donor(s) in vampire-related matters (albeit House, group, or socially) and how are they treated?  (3) As a donor, do you believe your opinions matter within the vampire community and that you are treated fairly?

d. Goodwill & Philanthropy Among Vampires:  What are different vampire groups, organizations, and individuals doing to assist their local communities (vampiric and non-vampiric)?  What charities, long-term projects, and assistance is being given to others during difficult economic times and natural disasters?  How can others help?

e. Other topics you’d like to bring up for discussion?

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Trigger warning: none.

2012-08-11: Orlando, Florida: Following up after last year’s Mer-Con, a second mermaid convention took place during this weekend, as reported in the Orlando Sentinel (regional newspaper, est. 1876). This convention was more diverse than the last, featuring pirates and faeries in addition to mermaids. I didn’t find any articles where participants talked about earnestly identifying as mermaids, as I did for last year's Mer-Con. This may be a primarily commercial event, in addition to featuring some underwater performances.

Sources )
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Trigger warnings: news coverage, phantom limbs, amputation, occult (magic, divination)

Summary: Since last March, I took a vacation from researching for Otherkin News. From time to time, I did bookmark some things that I wanted to write articles about. In short, lately we’ve had: ongoing as well as published academic research of otherkin, wearable cat ears that use brainwave sensors to express your mood, over a dozen new and republished books by the Silver Elves, and a scientific study of a person who had phantom limbs corresponding to body parts that she’d never had.



In science


Phantom limbs: She felt fingers that she’d never had

A study published last February in Neurocase described a woman (“R.N.,” age 57) who had been born with an incomplete right hand. After amputation of this hand at age 18 due to an accident, she developed a “phantom limb:” she felt like her hand was still there. What made this case unusual was that her phantom hand included phantom fingers that she’d never physically had. Her phantom hand was complete with all its fingers.

Initially, her phantom hand felt shortened and painful, but after mirror therapy (a common treatment for phantom limb pain), her phantom hand took on completely normal proportions.[1]

Although this study is not about otherkin or therianthropes, it is of interest to our community. Some otherkin and therianthropes experience phantom sensations of body parts that they’ve never physically had, including tails.

See also: an earlier article on Otherkin News, regarding a study published in the Annals of Neurology about a woman, 64, who developed a supernumerary phantom limb: a third arm.[2]


Community research: Survey of furries, therianthropes, and otherkin

The International Anthropomorphic Research Project conducted their Winter 2012 survey of furries, with questions that included otherkin and therianthrope issues, determining the overlap of the three communities. The survey took place online as well as in person at Anthrocon 2012, a furry convention. The survey opened in 2012-03,[3]  and is now closed to further submissions, saying, “A summary of the collected data will be available on this website shortly.”[4]


Innovations in technology: the Necomimi

Neurowear, a company specializing in high-tech fashion, recently released the Necomimi. As described in a previous Otherkin News article,[5] the Necomimi is a headband that includes brainwave sensors and a pair of animatronic cat ears. The sensors detect the wearer’s emotional state, and expresses it by moving the cat ears. 

Neurowear released the Necomimi in Japan on 2012-04-28.[6] Neurowear’s official store says that the Necomimi is $99.95 US, but is currently sold out due to overwhelming demand, but they’re taking backorders.[7] Neurowear says they’re planning on releasing new models of the Necomimi with different ear shapes.

Some people have independently created animatronic ears inspired by the Necomimi. On Instructables, a community site where inventors and makers share their ideas, Abetusk tells how to build animatronic cat ears, although these are controlled by a remote, not by EEG.[8]

So far as I know, these inventions were not produced by any participant of the otherkin or therianthrope communities. However, they maybe be of interest to these communities as an example of a way that new technologies can augment the human body.



New published works


New and republished books by the Silver Elves

The Silver Elves, a family of elf people who have been writing about elven issues since the 1970s, and who consider themselves to be part of the otherkin community, have published and republished several books of their writings. During the past few months alone, they’ve released these:

  • The Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 1 (collected essays and poems from 1979 to 2001) and Volume 2 (from the 1990s) have been republished with new covers in 2012-03. They also published Volume 3, which includes writings from the 1990s and from their move to Hawaii in 2008.
  • The Book of Elven Runes, a handbook for creating and using an original oracle (not Futhark runes) designed by the Silver Elves, was republished in 2012-05.
  • The Elven Book of Changes: A magical interpretation of the I Ching. An elven interpretation of the ancient Chinese oracle. Released 2012-03.
  • The Elven Book of Powers: Using the Tarot for magical wish fulfillment. Released 2012-05-24.
  • The Elven Book of Dreams: A magical oracle of Faerie. A dream symbol interpretation handbook. Released 2012-04.
  • The Book of Elven Magic: The philosophy and enchantments of the Seelie Elves. An elven perspective on spirituality and ceremonial magic. Released 2012-05.
  • What an Elf would do: A magical guide to the manners and etiquette of the Faerie Folk. As summarized by the authors, this is a “view of how elves see and interact with the world of the Normal folk as well as with Otherkind of all sorts. It is designed to help the elfin everywhere to move through the often mysterious cultures of mankind with confidence and ease.” Released 2012-06-02.
  • Arvyndase (Silverspeech): A short course in the magical language of the Silver Elves. A grammar of a constructed language designed by the Silver Elves. Released 2012-05.
  • Caressed by an Elfin Breeze: The poems of Zardoa Silverstar. Approximately 90 poems by Zardoa of the Silver Elves, some from over 30 years ago.
  • Eldafaryn: True tales of magic from the lives of the Silver Elves. “a series of vignettes from the lives of the Silver Elves starting in the present and going back and forth through time describing their lives, their magic, their philosophy and their unique view of the world.”
  • Magic Talks: Being a correspondence between the Silver Elves and the founders of the Elf Queen’s Daughters. Released 2012-06-02. From the summary provided by the authors: “Magic Talks is a collection of letters between the two sisters who are the founders of the Elf Queen's daughters (in 1973), Arwen and Elanor, and the Silver Elves, Zardoa and Silver Flame. This is the first book in a series of Tulku internet correspondence beginning in November of 2011 and ending in February 2012. Arwen and Elanor are also the original publishers of the ‘Magic Elf Letters’ sent out from the Elf Queen’s daughters. They published three letters a week for about three years. In the early 1979 the Silver Elves carried on these letters calling them “The Magical Elven Love Letters” and continued writing and publishing them for the next 30 years…”

 These books by the Silver Elves are important contributions to the history and literature of the otherkin community.

Academic article: Laycock’s “We are spirits of another sort”

A new academic paper all about the otherkin community (and therianthropes as well, under the same word) was published in Nova Religio, a peer-reviewed journal about alternative and new religious movements. The article, “We are spirits of another sort: Ontological rebellion and religious dimensions of the otherkin community,” is by Joseph P. Laycock, Ph.D. 

A regular in the vampire community, Merticus, briefly summarized Laycock’s article.[9] Merticus says the article cites the writings of several participants of the otherkin community.

A regular in the therianthrope community, Citrakāyaḥ (a cheetah) read Laycock’s full article, and then thoroughly covered his responses in “A laycat’s review of ‘We are spirits of another sort.’” He says that Laycock emphasizes that the otherkin movement is not a religion, although it is often spiritual, and in some ways resembles a religion.[10]


Media exposure of therianthropes

During 2012-02, the furry news blog, Flayrah, listed several newspaper articles that mentioned therianthropes in addition to furries.[11]


New blogs

Birds of a Feather: by and for bird-people, created 2012-02.[12] This blog is full of essays about being therianthropes and otherkin who identify as birds. Authors include Acies (an eagle), Akhila (raven, leopard), GreyGhost (gryphon), Meirya (hawk, phoenix), and Tsu (swan). The blog accepts essays submitted by others.

I’ve seen a lot more otherkin-related blogs created recently, especially those hosted on Tumblr.com, but I’ll have to address them in another post.



Due to my hiatus from the otherkin community during the past several months, I’m behind on my reading, and I’ve missed out on a lot. The above list is likely very incomplete. I’m going to need a lot of help filling in all the gaps.

If you or somebody who you know recently created new writing, art, or other creative works about otherkin or therianthropes, then please let me know, so that I can list them here next time. Please feel free to e-mail me about any such new discoveries at any time. That would be very helpful! Thank you!

- O. Scribner

Sources )
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Wulf Howl is doing a survey regarding therianthropy, in general, and its connection with psychological conditions, abuse/bullying, and a lot more.

We would appreciate it if members of the therianthropy would complete this survey and share it around; it will help us to understand the psychological factors of therianthropy, as well as how prevalent bullying and discrimination are in/against the community.

The survey can be found here:

We are accepting responses until November 12th 2012; shortly after, our results will be published.

No personally identifiable information will be present in our published results.

Thank You.
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Posted by Tsu

arudem on Tumblr, a member of the otherkin community, is collecting videos for an otherkin documentary made by and for the community. They only have about 12 minutes of footage they can use right now, and they want to make a documentary that's about 1.5 hours. You don't have to be seen on the video if you don't want.

Please signal boost this if you can, it's about time we had a documentary that is done by us, from our perspective.
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Over the past half-decade, social researchers have taken surveys at Anthrocon, the world's largest furry convention. This year, the at-con survey was followed up with an online offering of the same survey. Those taking the survey were asked whether they viewed themselves as therians or otherkin (as well as furry or non-furry), and several questions focussed on topics relevant to these two groups.

The results are now in. Because they are quite long (~25 pages), I have prepared a summary of the findings on [livejournal.com profile] flayrah, including a section focusing on the ways in which therians and otherkin were found to be different from those identifying as furry.

The bit I found most interesting was that therians scored furries as higher on a measure of social closeness than other furries did. Apparently therians like us more than we like ourselves! (I will also be keeping the predator/prey bit in mind . . . o_o)

Reposted because I can't tell the difference between "save" and "delete" - apologies!
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Trigger warnings: none that I can think of.

During the past three months, people created several new articles that the concept of otherkin, as well as some new artwork depicting symbols of otherkin and therianthropes.

New articles introducing otherkin

Nonhumans and what you need to know,” by emptyvoids. 2011-12.
An introduction defining what otherkin are, what it’s like to be otherkin, and the diversity among otherkin. The article is written for an audience of people who aren’t otherkin, in order to establish a friendly understanding. The article expresses consciousness of social justice issues throughout. It’s casual, and handwritten rather than typed.

A revised otherkin FAQ,” by Jarandhel Dreamsinger. 2012-01-08.
Written primarily for an audience of people who are otherkin themselves, and who already have some familiarity with the otherkin community. This FAQ includes safety advice, and lists of off-site resources. Very useful, and an improvement over out-dated resources.

Sylvere ap Leanan- refocus on otherkin,” by Deacon Gray. 2011-12-27.
Deacon Gray interviews Sylvere ap Leanan for basic information about the otherkin community, with the assumption that the audience already has familiarity with the vampire community.

Otherkin/therianthropy; A few basic instructions,” by Shiruie-chan. 2011-12-28.
An informal FAQ written for an audience of people who are unfamiliar with the otherkin and therian communities, and who are considering they might be otherkin or therians themselves. Rational, accurate, opinionated, needs proofreading.

New visual art

Shinjuku swan maiden, by Tsu (Swanblood). 2012-01-09.
A self-portrait by a person who identifies as a swan.

Elven Star or Faery Star or Heptagram, by Shion (chrome-dreaming). 2012-01-04.
In this intricate graphic design, the seven-pointed star (a symbol of otherkin, among many other things) is decorated with silver filigree theta-delta symbols (a symbol that therianthropes created to represent themselves several years ago).

Therian wolf pendant, by reddogdied. 2012-01-11.
A handmade copper pendant depicting the aforementioned theta-delta symbol.


If you or somebody who you know recently created new writing, art, or other creative works about otherkin or therianthropes, then please let me know, so that I can list them here next time. Please feel free to e-mail me about any such new discoveries at any time. That would be very helpful! Thank you!

- O. Scribner

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