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Content warnings: The Bhaskar's article contains graphic descriptions of violence.

October: The Indian newspaper Daily Bhaskar ran an article titled "Ten people who claim to be VAMPIRES and ALIENS!" This is limited to famous people from the past four years, most of whom are violent criminals. A few claim to be werewolves. Here's the list: Stephanie Pistey, Omnec Onec, Thomas Stroup, Jonathon Sharkey, Josephine Rebecca Smith, Cynthia Crawford, Wolfie Blackheart, Jujuolui Kuita, Lyle Monroe Bensley, and Andrew Whiteman. The Bhaskar article gives a bio and a photo of each one.


"Ten people who claim to be VAMPIRES and ALIENS!" 2013-10-17. Daily Bhaskar. http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/WOR-ten-people-who-believe-they-are-monsters-or-aliens-4406394-PHO.html?seq=1
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Trigger warnings: violence, crime, trolling (harassment). Not described in graphic detail.

The following post uses excerpts from my newly updated free e-book, Otherkin Timeline, as well as excerpts from earlier posts on Otherkin News. This isn't a complete overview of everything on Otherkin News in 2011, just a selection of relatively significant events. During the latter half of this year, I became very active with researching current events in or related to the otherkin community, and began posting regularly to the Otherkin News blog. As a result, I have more information about events during the latter half of 2011 than the early half. Would you please help fill in some events from the first half of 2011?

During this year, an otherkin community blossomed on the blog-hosting site Tumblr.com. This includes the creation of a blog called ’Kin Speak, which people can post to anonymously. In the last couple of months of the year, the otherkin community on Tumblr came to be frequently vandalized and trolled (harassed), but the otherkin there didn't falter in their high level of activity. Meirya wrote about how the otherkin community on Tumblr differs from any before.

2011-01: Someone claiming to be from a casting department spammed the otherkin and therian forums to search for someone to interview for a purported documentary TV show about otherkin that would air on the Animal Planet channel. So far, nothing has come of it, but members of the WereList forums are researching it, with trigger warnings for that link: adult topics. Currently, it looks like it's a genuine casting call, not a phishing scam, but the show would also feature some adult topics.

2011-08-14: The first annual Mer-Con 2011, the world’s largest mermaid convention. Some of the attending self-proclaimed mer-people described a lifelong desire to become real mer-people, or assert that they are now real mer-people. Recently, a participant called Mermaid Shelley reflected on this and other events in the mermaid community during 2011. The mermaid community isn’t connected with the otherkin or therian communities, and is news to me and to the rest of the otherkin I've talked to.

2011-08-13?: A vampire crime. Lyle Monroe B., 19, broke into a stranger's apartment and injured the woman living there, and then told the police that he was a 500 year old vampire, but denied it later, claiming that he’d been under the influence of a drug. I haven’t found any follow-up articles explaining what the authorities concluded about him.

2011-08-29: Media. A polite article introducing otherkin to outsiders is published in a Polish-language women’s online magazine, We-Dwoje, which is otherwise mostly about fashion and health. The article is “Otherkin – a quirk, or a fantastic way to live?

2011-09: A vampire/werewolf crime. Stephanie P., 18, was charged with accessory to the murder of Jacob H., 16 in July. One of six suspects for involvement in the murder, Stephanie told the news station that she believes herself to be part vampire and part werewolf. Later, she was ruled mentally unfit to stand trial. For a collection of all news articles on this topic, see the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) Media Center forums, with trigger warnings for what the articles describe: murder, rape, violence, blood-drinking, teenagers in a cult, animal sacrifice, some of which is described in graphic detail.

2011-10-04: Media. On Sweden’s channel 5, a TV series titled Outsiders aired an episode about the furry fandom. This includes at least one furry fan who is also a therian. Later, in acknowledgment of this episode, a newspaper editor publicly blogged a joke about killing a child who comes out as trans-species.

2011-11-13: Media. A TV documentary airs on Channel 4 about the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack in Texas, some of whom identify as werewolves, some as vampires. Soon, the vampire community condemned it for showing unsanitary and dangerous blood-drinking practices.

2011-11-17: An early group of elf people called the Silver Elves return one of their books to print: An Elfin Book of Spirits: Evoking the Beneficent Powers of Faerie.

2011-12-05: Ashlyn Nafina prints To Dream, Perchance to Soar, an urban fantasy novel with intentional themes of the otherkin experience.

2011-12-20: The Forest Voice, an independent magazine “for those among us who are nonhuman in nature,” releases its first issue.

- O. Scribner
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Trigger warnings for this post: blood-drinking, bad publicity.

As mentioned in an earlier article here, the Channel 4 documentary about the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack aired on November 13, 2011. The pack in question is a mixture of teenage vampires and werewolves living in Antonio, Texas. Unfortunately, the documentary showed the teens drinking blood without taking any safety precautions. The incautious behavior shown in the documentary should not be seen as typical of the vampire community.

As a public service announcement, a “signal boost” of what Merticus pointed out on the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) media center forums regarding the documentary:

“The Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] is abhorred after viewing the content depicted in this documentary. The real vampire community and self-identified real vampires do not condone such reckless and dangerous blood sharing practices. The adults, ‘vampires’, ‘donors’, and documentary film crew responsible for this film should be ashamed of their actions and held accountable as provided by law.”

Merticus goes on to recommend that interested parties should read The Vampiric Ethos and Real Vampire Community Personal Safety & Privacy Awareness.1 The real vampire community is very conscious about ethics and safety, particularly in regard to blood sharing, which requires sterile conditions in order to protect against cuts becoming infected or worse. The ignorance of these issues in the documentary could lead to viewers causing themselves serious physical harm.

In order to spread awareness of what the vampire community is really like, and particularly to raise awareness of safety issues related to blood drinking, Merticus was interviewed in a Yahoo UK & Ireland article on the 17th, titled “Twilight debunked: A vampire expert on the truth about vampire lore.”2 That article does not mention the Channel 4 documentary.

- O. Scribner

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Trigger warnings for this post: bad publicity is coming, mention of disturbing ritual using dead dog. Personally, I feel faint just thinking about either of these, let alone in combination. Very likely to disturb. Links are safe for work.

According to Channel 4 press releases, a TV documentary will air on November 13, 2011. This documentary will be about the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack, which is a handful of teenagers in San Antonio, Texas, some of whom identify as werewolves, some as vampires.

This is the same pack that includes Wolfie Blackheart, who was involved in a scandal over a year ago. The scandal involved her ritual use of the remains of an already-deceased dog. She posted photos of the process online. People who were angered by this display made sure that the media found out. Ever since then, the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack has frequently received, welcomed, and reached out for much media attention. This includes numerous news articles and a short news story on TV last year.

In my opinion, media attention for Wolfie Blackheart and her pack is far from the ideal way for the public to find out about therianthropes. The scandal involved an act that is unique among therianthropes. The Crimson Blood Wolf Pack doesn't and shouldn't represent the therianthrope community. Publicity of this kind will likely bring recognition without respect.

- O. Scribner

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