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Content warnings: none.

A therianthrope on Tumblr.com, Theangrylionshark, observed a new trend among otherkin on Tumblr. Some of them have started to call themselves otherkin in regard to things that they identify with, rather than beings that they identify as. Theangrylionshark sees this as misuse of the word, rather than semantic drift. Theangrylionshark wrote about all this in the article "Let's get something straight."

Examples of "identify as" include people who say "I am an elf," as otherkin have done for decades now. Examples of "identify with" are people who recently started saying they are otherkin because they feel a connection to a topic such as outer space, the ocean, or forests. These two things might be different enough from each other that it might be confusing to call them both "otherkin." I haven't heard them propose a word to call themselves by instead.

Some others on Tumblr have talked about this trend. Malchior (user-name Phasmovore) and Ash (Fuinseog) made a list of links to some of their writings about it in this conversation thread.


Theangrylionshark, "Let's get something straight." 2014-07-10. Theangrylionshark (informal personal blog). http://theangrylionshark.tumblr.com/post/91364114706/lets-get-something-straight

Orion Scribner (frameacloud) and Malchior (phasmovore). Untitled conversation thread. 2014-07-14. Orion Scribner (informal personal blog). http://frameacloud.tumblr.com/post/91797968391/by-the-way-if-you-would-like-to-see-a-discussion-about

All above writings are linked here according to permission from their writers.

[Edit 2014-07-13: Changed article title, because I'm going to collect views on this topic from more than one author. Added a paragraph of my own observations on this new trend.]

[Edit 2014-07-14: Added a paragraph about some more perspectives.]
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Content warnings: Internet troll activity.

Short version: Don't look at the #otherkin tag on Tumblr right now, because it's full of disturbing pictures.

July. Anonymous participants of the web-site 4chan declared their summer plan to "invade the feminist tag" on a social blogging site, Tumblr.com. This means that Tumblr users checking the #feminist tag on Tumblr will mostly see a flood of shock images put there by the trouble-makers from 4chan. The shock images include disturbing topics such as photos of gore and animal abuse. 4chan participants then said that they would expand their attack to many other tags, including many LGBT related tags, many specific fandoms. They have also started doing this in the #otherkin tag.

(For context, the #otherkin tag has been trolled heavily and constantly for the past few years. Most of the posts to it are meant to be offensive and to make otherkin look bad. This even included elaborate hoax blogs that make outlandish claims about being otherkin in absurd ways. Many otherkin stopped bothering to read that tag years ago.)

I haven't heard how long this will last. Tumblr site administrators are unlikely to do anything about it.

Advice: It would be wise not to browse any tags on Tumblr for now. You can choose to either not post to the tags for now, or you can try to counter the attack by flooding the tags with positive content. The trouble-makers naturally don't tag their shock images with content warnings, so filters such as Tumblr Savior and Washboard.ws are not effective solutions for this particular problem. The Tumblr blog 4chancounterspam is posting updates about this attack as it happens. That blog gives lists of the usernames of 4chan troll blogs to block, and which tags they're posting to so far.

[Edit 2014-07-05] 4chancounterspam reports that participants of 4chan have furthermore declared plans to collect all self-portrait photos posted to the tags, paste the faces into porn, and then post these images. The same 4chan post expressed that a goal of this attack is to render Tumblr's tagging system unusable. I've also seen mention that 4chan participants are spamming tags for disabilities with images that can cause seizures. They've expanded their attack to all kinds of innocuous tags, so their goal is apparently not just an attack on feminist groups or any particular political alignment, but on Tumblr overall.

Here's 4chancounterspam's master list of blogs to block.
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Content warnings: None.

April. An article published in New Media & Society briefly mentions otherkin. The article is primarily about social networking sites such as Tumblr and Reddit, particularly the asexual community. Renninger quotes from a thread on Reddit that mocks otherkin. I don't have access to the full text of the article, so I don't know if it says any more about otherkin.


Bryce J. Renninger. "“Where I can be myself … where I can speak my mind” : Networked counterpublics in a polymedia environment." New Media & Society (April 2014). http://nms.sagepub.com/content/early/2014/04/09/1461444814530095.abstract doi: 10.1177/1461444814530095
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Content warnings: None, although it's annoying.

An article published in The Montag journal mistakenly says otherkin originated in Tumblr. Sterling Hall also argues that otherkin are based in "appropriat[ing] the struggles of transgendered [sic] people" (p. 85-88). Hall's claim appears to be based on the Gawker article that drew some of the same connections, but Hall doesn't cite it.

Hall offers no support for the claim that otherkin started on Tumblr. The otherkin community, by the strictest definition (such as the adoption of the term "otherkin"), originated in the year 1990. In the loosest definition, the community started in the 1970s. The otherkin community has always been significantly made up of people who are transgender. For more information, please see the history book that I wrote about the otherkin community.


Sterling Hall, "Beyond critique: An essay on the need for a new discourse." The Montag vol 1 or 2 (March or April 2013). http://www.unr.edu/cla/ch/docs/The-Montag-Volume2.pdf

(Some parts of the volume say that it's Vol 1 from March, while other parts say it's Vol 2 from April. I'm not certain whether The Montag is technically an academic journal. It says that it is, but it doesn't look right.)
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After a several year hiatus, From Fiction, a large resource for otakukin and fictionkin has been archived at its original address (http://otakukin.atspace.com/). New content will now be uploaded at the new address on tumblr. The attached 'More Than Fiction' message boards will be maintaining their familiar address.
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Content warnings: None.

October 7: Recently, a misconception has circulated that all otherkin are white, wealthy, middle-class, American teenagers. This stereotype goes with a variety of conjecture about why otherkin are supposedly inventing mythologies about themselves.

To combat this misconception about the demographics of otherkin and the ways that they live, an otherkin named Sareth (roguesareth) revived a blog titled Mundane-Kin. The goal of Mundane-Kin is "to dispel the stereotype that all otherkin are asocial, basement dwellers, or bored teenagers" by publishing articles by otherkin describing their everyday lives (source).

Mundane-Kin's info says, "The purpose of this blog is to dispel the stereotypes and assumptions most people have about otherkin by showcasing who we are in our everyday, mundane, lives." The blog asks for articles about how otherkin and therians "incorporate their otherkin/therian identity into their everyday life, how it can be used in a positive manner, lessons that can be taken from the negative, or how your nonhumaness has perhaps helped you in some way or inspired a hobby or project" (source). The blog was created a year ago, but became inactive for a while.

Sareth specifically requests "articles about being otherkin that are not white middle class teens."

The Mundane-Kin blog has not yet received any articles or questions. If you're interested in submitting an article to Mundane-Kin, the blog has a list of "do's and don'ts for submission" and a more detailed guide for submissions.
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Content warnings: None.

September: A new blog for otherkin opened in Tumblr.com. Kin Homes shows photos of remarkable architecture and interior decoration. These are supposed to inspire various kinds of otherkin and therianthropes to make homes that feel more like their home-world or natural habitat. The blog accepts requests to post certain types of pictures.


Mod O, "Introduction." Kin Homes. 2013-09-14. http://kin-homes.tumblr.com/post/61229072121/introduction
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Content warnings: For this post on Otherkin News, none. For the linked OtherkinRants blog, profanity. It could unpredictably have virtually any kind of topic that could be upsetting.

June: A blog named OtherkinRants opened on Tumblr.com for venting about one’s frustrations in the otherkin community. The blog accepts asks and submissions, whether anonymous or not. The administrator(s) occasionally state that they have cut off certain exchanges or banned certain topics in order to prevent flame-wars and harassment, so it's not that kind of blog.


OtherkinRants. http://otherkinrants.tumblr.com

(The earliest extant post in its archive is from 2013-06-18: http://otherkinrants.tumblr.com/post/53343148402/into-the-fray )
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Content warnings: None. For the linked blog, Kinshopping: Photos of food. Photos of animal products (including meat and taxidermy). [Edit 2013-08-15: Also, Kinshopping has sexual content on Sundays.]

September 8: A blog on Tumblr.com opened, named Kinshopping. The blog recommends fashion and food for various types of otherkin and therianthropes, particularly including uncommon types, such as owls. It's well-organized with tags. They answer requests. The blog is run by several otherkin under pseudonyms. The maintainers have changed a few times since the blog opened. They have included Mod Cat (a snowshoe cat), Mod Glitch (a computer glitch and kaiju otherkin), Mod Space, Mod Dog (Canaan dog), and Mod Goat.


Untitled. KinShopping. 2013-09-08. http://kinshopping.tumblr.com/post/60707324932/hello-welcome-to-kinshopping-this-is-a-blog

"About." KinShopping. n.d. http://kinshopping.tumblr.com/about
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Content warnings: None. For the linked blog: some animated GIFs.

Last March, the Otherkuotes blog on Tumblr.com attempted to replace two defunct otherkin blogs: Kinfessions, for anonymous confessions by otherkin, and Nonhumanquotes, for quotes that evoke otherkin sensibilities. Otherkuotes started posting quotes, confessions, and nature photos. Unfortunately, the final text post by Otherkuotes was in last May. The blog administrator, Alex, was not able to keep maintaining the blog, and asked for volunteers to become additional moderators. Apparently, nobody has offered yet. For now, Otherkuotes may have joined the list of defunct otherkin blogs. It's possible that Otherkuotes would still be able to take a volunteer, if one showed up.

(Sorry about posting about this so late. It got lost in my notes. Since this is an amateur news blog, some news gets run a few months after it happens. Sometimes that's the soonest that I hear of it, or manage to post about it, or catch up, or whatever.)

- O. Scribner


Alex, "Otherkuotes is a go!" Otherkuotes. 2013-03-21. http://otherkuotes.tumblr.com/post/45928888774/otherkuotes-is-a-go

Alex, Untitled post. Otherkuotes. 2013-05-20. http://otherkuotes.tumblr.com/post/50923678124/also-sorry-for-the-big-disappearance-of-activity
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Content warnings: None.

August 16: A dragon otherkin who goes by the moniker Dragonslorefury wrote an article to address some of the common questions that people have when they first hear about otherkin. Posted on Dragonslorefury’s personal blog on Tumblr.com, the article is titled “An FAQ on Otherkin for the Perplexed Observer.” Dragonslorefury’s article addresses issues of escapism, the difference between otherkin and therianthropes, and the role of Tumblr in the otherkin community. Dragonslorefury supports this with references from writings on otherkin by other authors, including Lupa's book A Field Guide to Otherkin.


Dragonslorefury, “An FAQ on Otherkin for the Perplexed Observer.” 2013-08-16. Just An’Otherkin. http://justanotherkin.tumblr.com/post/58429596952/an-faq-on-otherkin-for-the-perplexed-observer
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Trigger warnings: For this article: Publicity. Comparison between transgender and otherkin identities. For the linked article: sexual assault, and many politically inflammatory topics.

2013: An academic journal article briefly mentioned otherkin. It didn’t do new research on them. They weren't the focus of the article.

In the Journal of the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA-PGN), Networking Knowledge, Lenore Bell published an article titled “Trigger Warnings: Sex, Lies and Social Justice Utopia on Tumblr.” (Here’s the abstract, which includes a link to the full text PDF. No login needed.) The focus of the article isn’t on otherkin, but on participants of Tumblr who are involved in social justice activism.

Bell includes a few paragraphs about otherkin, using them as an example of some of the unusual kinds of identifications of participants of Tumblr. For this, Bell quotes from a personal blogger's opinion on Tumblr regarding otherkin, and from the 2012 Gawker article about otherkin. Both of these compare otherkin and transgender identity.


Lenore Bell, “Trigger warnings: Sex, lies and social justice utopia on Tumblr.” Networking Knowledge 6, no. 1 (2013). http://ojs.meccsa.org.uk/index.php/netknow/article/view/296
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Trigger warnings: None.

Eamonn Keaveney, an anthropology MA student, wants to make an ethnography of otherkin and therians, focusing on the parts of that community that are active on Tumblr.com.


Eamonn Keaveney (Kinthropologist), "Researching otherkin on Tumblr." 2013-02-17. http://kinthropologist.tumblr.com/post/43339329412/researching-otherkin-on-tumblr
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Warning: the linked article contains profanity, hostility.

The Gloss, an online magazine for young adults, posted an opinion article about otherkin. The article focuses on a blogger on Tumblr.com called Transcats.


Jamie Peck. “‘Honey, I think I’m a cat.’” 2013-01-22. The Gloss. http://www.thegloss.com/2013/01/22/culture/otherkin-community-transcats
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On September 2, 2012 an article titled "Entry Level: Otherkin” on the website Totally Dublin was published. The article focused on the part of otherkin community on the website Tumblr, commenting on how some otherkin have made use of likening being otherkin to being transgender to varying degrees. In the article the author discuses their strong disagreements with the use of likening the experiences of people who are otherkin to those people who are transgender. 

A few days later on September 6 2012, the website, Gawker, the article “From Otherkin to Transethnicity: Your Field Guide To The Weird World of Tumblr Identity Politics" was posted. This article also focuses on the otherkin community on Tumblr, as well as talking about a person who goes by the calling of Eric Draven who has gained a high amount of controversy both on tumblr and elsewhere over a number of months. The article comments about the high amount of trolling and complaining on tumblr over the topic of otherkin. The article’s final part includes a listing of words, their definitions, and quotes from people who self-identify with those labels to end the article. In the final listing of words, the author includes such topics as “fictives," “multiple systems,” “transethnicity,” “transablism,“ “transfat,” “demisexual,” and “soulbonding” as being part of the otherkin community on tumblr.

- Mist Weaver, from House of Chimeras
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Trigger warnings: Bad publicity, derision, hoax, harassment, heterosexism, racism, social drama.

On Thursday, The New York Observer ran an opinion article about how on Wednesday, a blogger on Tumblr.com revealed themself as actually a sock puppet (hoax) account. A trio had run the blog. They had pretended to be a person who had several  unusual identifications, including being otherkin.

Source )

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Posted by Tsu

arudem on Tumblr, a member of the otherkin community, is collecting videos for an otherkin documentary made by and for the community. They only have about 12 minutes of footage they can use right now, and they want to make a documentary that's about 1.5 hours. You don't have to be seen on the video if you don't want.

Please signal boost this if you can, it's about time we had a documentary that is done by us, from our perspective.
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Trigger warnings: violence, crime, trolling (harassment). Not described in graphic detail.

The following post uses excerpts from my newly updated free e-book, Otherkin Timeline, as well as excerpts from earlier posts on Otherkin News. This isn't a complete overview of everything on Otherkin News in 2011, just a selection of relatively significant events. During the latter half of this year, I became very active with researching current events in or related to the otherkin community, and began posting regularly to the Otherkin News blog. As a result, I have more information about events during the latter half of 2011 than the early half. Would you please help fill in some events from the first half of 2011?

During this year, an otherkin community blossomed on the blog-hosting site Tumblr.com. This includes the creation of a blog called ’Kin Speak, which people can post to anonymously. In the last couple of months of the year, the otherkin community on Tumblr came to be frequently vandalized and trolled (harassed), but the otherkin there didn't falter in their high level of activity. Meirya wrote about how the otherkin community on Tumblr differs from any before.

2011-01: Someone claiming to be from a casting department spammed the otherkin and therian forums to search for someone to interview for a purported documentary TV show about otherkin that would air on the Animal Planet channel. So far, nothing has come of it, but members of the WereList forums are researching it, with trigger warnings for that link: adult topics. Currently, it looks like it's a genuine casting call, not a phishing scam, but the show would also feature some adult topics.

2011-08-14: The first annual Mer-Con 2011, the world’s largest mermaid convention. Some of the attending self-proclaimed mer-people described a lifelong desire to become real mer-people, or assert that they are now real mer-people. Recently, a participant called Mermaid Shelley reflected on this and other events in the mermaid community during 2011. The mermaid community isn’t connected with the otherkin or therian communities, and is news to me and to the rest of the otherkin I've talked to.

2011-08-13?: A vampire crime. Lyle Monroe B., 19, broke into a stranger's apartment and injured the woman living there, and then told the police that he was a 500 year old vampire, but denied it later, claiming that he’d been under the influence of a drug. I haven’t found any follow-up articles explaining what the authorities concluded about him.

2011-08-29: Media. A polite article introducing otherkin to outsiders is published in a Polish-language women’s online magazine, We-Dwoje, which is otherwise mostly about fashion and health. The article is “Otherkin – a quirk, or a fantastic way to live?

2011-09: A vampire/werewolf crime. Stephanie P., 18, was charged with accessory to the murder of Jacob H., 16 in July. One of six suspects for involvement in the murder, Stephanie told the news station that she believes herself to be part vampire and part werewolf. Later, she was ruled mentally unfit to stand trial. For a collection of all news articles on this topic, see the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) Media Center forums, with trigger warnings for what the articles describe: murder, rape, violence, blood-drinking, teenagers in a cult, animal sacrifice, some of which is described in graphic detail.

2011-10-04: Media. On Sweden’s channel 5, a TV series titled Outsiders aired an episode about the furry fandom. This includes at least one furry fan who is also a therian. Later, in acknowledgment of this episode, a newspaper editor publicly blogged a joke about killing a child who comes out as trans-species.

2011-11-13: Media. A TV documentary airs on Channel 4 about the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack in Texas, some of whom identify as werewolves, some as vampires. Soon, the vampire community condemned it for showing unsanitary and dangerous blood-drinking practices.

2011-11-17: An early group of elf people called the Silver Elves return one of their books to print: An Elfin Book of Spirits: Evoking the Beneficent Powers of Faerie.

2011-12-05: Ashlyn Nafina prints To Dream, Perchance to Soar, an urban fantasy novel with intentional themes of the otherkin experience.

2011-12-20: The Forest Voice, an independent magazine “for those among us who are nonhuman in nature,” releases its first issue.

- O. Scribner
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Trigger warnings: criticism of otherkin.

I thought that I would post a link list like this every month, but the otherkin community has been so creative recently that I find it hard to keep up! Scarcely any time after my previous link list, I’ve already got a long list of new articles and projects. Maybe I should post a link list here on a weekly basis instead of monthly?

New articles introducing otherkin-related concepts

Cladotherianthropy,” by Pantairin, of Chimera. 2011-07.
A cladotherianthrope is one whose animal side is a generalization of all animals within a taxa, such as an entire genus, rather than a species. A very well-written introduction to the definition and history of this concept.

A short history of soulbonding,” by Tatsuya Rokurou, of the Flatlanders.
This article is written with the assumption that the reader is already familiar with multiplicity. In 2001, the first mention of “soulbonding” (mentally communicating with fictional characters). An overview of this concept’s changing relationship with fan-fiction and multiplicity. The development of related concepts of “muses” and of “otakukin.” How the definition of “soulbonding” changed in 2003, and problems with that definition: it assumes that every soulbonding relationship is the same, which is false in actual practice.

New articles criticizing otherkin, and new responses to criticism

Otherkin troll bingo!” by Tsu. 2011-11-12.
A list of the phrases that people most commonly use to discredit otherkin, followed by a list of short responses from an otherkin correcting misconceptions in all of those. Both parts were created by a bird otherkin.

We are not sick and dangerous, for the record,” by an anonymous otherkin. 2011-10-27.
An otherkin described being otherkin to mental health counselors, and they responded positively. They don’t see it as disassociation, schizophrenia, or anything harmful. It just exists, so the responsible thing to do is to deal with it existing as best possible.

The parable of the were-duck,” by Aura Escher. 2011-08-24.
A vampyre criticizes therians for claiming to be animals, saying that therians are not animals in any real way. Escher expresses the opinion that what therians fool themselves into mistaking for their “animal side” is actually something else which is present in all humans, and not an “animal side” at all.

Confessions of a former otherkin,” by BellaDonna Saberhagen. 2011-11-13.
A personal reflection by a Neo-Pagan who once self-described as fairy, describing how inexperienced Neo-Pagans often initially go through a phase of deluding themselves and one another into believing excessively far-fetched things, including that they are dragons, werewolves, angels, or even gods, who will play a part in the end/transformation of the world. Saberhagen advises the reader to take caution with spirituality, and accept being human.

The skeptical otherkin #3: How inappropriate,” by Feathertail. 2011-11-21.
An otherkin asks, how do we determine whether the use of an idea is cultural appropriation?

Articles on what it's like to be a...?

Motionless claws,” by Citrakāyaḥ. 2011-07.
What it’s like to be a cheetah therianthrope.

Certata: From the blue fleet,” by Earth Listener, of Chimera. 2011-11.
What it’s like to be a blue glaucus sea-slug therian.

Tell me what it is like to be a swangirl,” by Tsu. 2011-11-18.
What it’s like to be a swan.

Untitled (swangirl), by Tsu. 2011-09-06.
On how the human and swan sides get along without clashing. On being autistic and otherkin.

Other new articles
People are only visible when they’re encouraged to speak,” by an anonymous author. 2011-11-12.
The otherkin and therian community mostly limits itself to conversation in English. As a result, we hear less or not at all from people in non-English-speaking parts of the world.

From fictionkin to animalkin,” by Mist Weaver, of the Chimeras. 2011-06.
Written by a fictional animal member of a plural system. Assumes the reader is already familiar with the concepts of fiction-kin, therianthropy, and plurality.

More thoughts about monsters,” by Tsu. 2011-10-17.
On the sacredness of that which is seen as different, strange, wrong, unacceptable, or scary. Whether you are a monster or not, you deserve to exist.

Untitled (mythology), by Tsu. 2011-08-28.
On the value of mythology

The upside-down of grounding,” by Child Of The Fae. 2011-11-15.
The metaphysical anatomy of this Fae otherkin differs from the standard metaphysical anatomy of a human. This creates a challenge when performing metaphysical acts such as “grounding.” Assumes the reader is already familiar with the concepts of metaphysical anatomy, otherkin, and grounding.

New foreign-language articles

Otherkin – dziwactwo czy fantastyczny sposób na życie? (Otherkin – a quirk, or a fantastic way to live?),” by Ewelina Czarnecka. 2011-08-29.
(In Polish.) An introduction to otherkin for outsiders. This polite and not sensationalistic article is in a women’s online magazine, We-Dwoje, which is otherwise mostly about fashion and health.

New art

Otherkin comic, by Drakmanka. 2011-11-13. Very nice.

New Podcast

The Pagan Musings podcast is having a show about otherkin, interviewing three otherkin: “Arthur,” Stormcrow, and Lupa.

New projects

The Beyond Awakening blog focuses on exploring otherkin-related topics that have had relatively little written about them. The latest essay prompt is titled “Challenge: Energetic Health.” Meirya asks otherkin to write about how their metaphysical energetic anatomy differs from that which is defined as “normal and healthy” in most literature on the subject.

Waoterlelie is running a survey, and is asking for otherkin to take a Meyers-Briggs personality test, and then send in their results.

New web-sites

Walking Between Worlds, a collection of essays written by two anonymous Vanir elves: one, an otherkin, the other, her spirit companion.

New blogs

The Other Problems, or, Dear Solace: A secrets and advice Tumblr. Anonymously send in your otherkin-related secrets or pleas for advice. The person running this blog is familiar with both psychology and otherkin, and patiently offers very wise advice to any who ask for it.

It Was Never Perfect But It Was Always Right, an otherkin-inspired work of ongoing fiction that has only just begun.

I Want To Go Home: Send in pictures of places that feel like Home, pictures of places for which your otherkin side feels homesick.

Little Otherkin Things And Problems. Short blurbs summarizing small things that are distinct to otherkin experience, whether joyful or sorrowful.

Other new link round-ups, like this one

Link roundup and some news,” by Meirya. 2011-11-26.
Includes some summaries of how the otherkin community has been changing recently.

Non-human blogs, resources, and projects,” by Tsu. 2011-11-26.

Thank you

Thanks to Earth Listener for telling me about several of these new things. Thanks to Tsu and Meirya for also collecting lists of new links on their blogs. When the otherkin community is so wonderfully creative and active, I appreciate any kind of help for keeping up with the fast pace!

- O. Scribner

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