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Content warnings: Spirituality (magic, reincarnation).

August: Elvendrums is a band of musicians who identify as elves, and who have connections to the otherkin community. They released a new album this month. It's titled Wildly to the Night. The album has original songs on themes of otherkin spirituality, reincarnation, and magical practices. On the band's official web-site, you can listen to clips of the music, and read the lyrics. Shown above: a clip of one of the album's tracks, "Othertimes."

(Thanks to Arethinn for mentioning this.)


Elvendrums, "Wildly to the Night." Elvendrums. http://elvendrums.com/cdwildly.php
frameacloud: A white dragon with its tail in a knot. (Heraldry transparent)
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Trigger warnings: The comments on this post mention an eating disorder (anorexia). The linked article contains snakes and brief mentions of plastic surgery. The linked video also contains these, in addition to profanity, and a lot of offensive, sexist hate speech about women's bodies. There's also some remarks equating spiritual beliefs with mental illness. It's the whole "catch 22" where the patriarchy gives impression that only beautiful women will be treated with respect or like their ideas are worth listening to, but then it turns out that women who do their utmost to be beautiful are treated hatefully and assumed to be unintelligent anyway.

July: A model named Valeria Lukyanova, 23, in the Ukraine, "believes she is from another planet - possibly Venus, but she isn't quite sure - so isn't really human like the rest of us. [...] She genuinely believes she's from another planet. 100 per cent. She's not making any money from her life - not even from the seminars she gives - which is originally why I thought she was doing this."1 The VICE documentary series "My Life Online" ran an episode about Lukyanova this month. The full episode (over 20 minutes long) can be viewed on the official VICE site.2 In it, Lukyanova talks briefly about her memories of her past incarnation and her spirituality, but this is not the focus of the documentary.

I am not aware of whether Lukyanova is involved with communities of people who identify as extraterrestrials, the starseed community, or anything similar.


1. Martha De Lacey, "The voices in her head, internet trolls and an OBSESSION with perfection: Inside the world of 'real life Barbie' Valeria Lukyanova." 2013-07-25. Daily Mail Online. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2377832/Human-Barbie-Ukraines-Valeria-Lukyanova-new-Vice-documentary-Will-Fairman.html

2. William Fairman, "Space Barbie." My Life Online. Vice. http://www.vice.com/en_uk/my-life-online/space-barbie-full-length

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