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2015 Digest

Jan. 3rd, 2016 11:56 am
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Briefly, some news of interest to otherkin from 2015 that I haven't previously reported on this blog. In chronological order:

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I have an idea for how I could run this blog in a way that I hope would be efficient enough to be manageable. I could post to our Twitter about news articles as soon as I find them. Then, at the end of each month, I could post a digest to here and to our Tumblr. It would just be a collection of headlines, links, and brief summaries, rather than whole articles of original writing with complete citations. What do you think?

As always, there's a lot of news out there and I can't do this alone, so anyone who can help out by posting news links in this blog as they find them would be very much appreciated.
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Content warnings: none.

May 20 to 28. The newspaper Le Monde (est. 1944) ran an introductory article about otherkin and therianthropes. As the original article is in French, therianthrope Akhila made an English translation of it. The article covers many aspects of the topic, including history. It draws from several print and web sources, as well as interviews.


Olivier Clairouin. "Pas complètement humains : la vie en ligne des thérians et otherkins." 2014-05-20. Le Monde (online newspaper). http://www.lemonde.fr/cultures-web/article/2014/05/20/pas-completement-humains-la-vie-en-ligne-des-therians-et-otherkins_4410306_4409029.html?xtmc=otherkin&xtcr=1

Olivier Clairouin. Akhila, trans. "Not Completely Human: The Online Life of Therians and Otherkin." 2014-05-28. Beyond Awakening (blog). http://thehornedgate.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/the-online-life-of-therians-and-otherkin/
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Content warnings: The Bhaskar's article contains graphic descriptions of violence.

October: The Indian newspaper Daily Bhaskar ran an article titled "Ten people who claim to be VAMPIRES and ALIENS!" This is limited to famous people from the past four years, most of whom are violent criminals. A few claim to be werewolves. Here's the list: Stephanie Pistey, Omnec Onec, Thomas Stroup, Jonathon Sharkey, Josephine Rebecca Smith, Cynthia Crawford, Wolfie Blackheart, Jujuolui Kuita, Lyle Monroe Bensley, and Andrew Whiteman. The Bhaskar article gives a bio and a photo of each one.


"Ten people who claim to be VAMPIRES and ALIENS!" 2013-10-17. Daily Bhaskar. http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/WOR-ten-people-who-believe-they-are-monsters-or-aliens-4406394-PHO.html?seq=1
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Content warnings: Cissexism.

October: An animated sit-com called Family Guy included a skit that parodied trans people by having a main character get "reassignment surgery" to become a lizard. An otherkin named DLF reports that this scene was in "Season 12, Episode 2, titled Vestigial Peter," and gives a transcript of the scene. A few people in the otherkin community wondered if this scene was a reference to otherkin. I'm confident that the writers weren't making a reference to therianthropes or otherkin, because the analogy the writers were making is common in cissexist jokes. Cissexist people often try to parody and undermine transsexuality by comparing it to a straw-man scenario in which a person mimics or tries to become another species.

I've seen much more offensive iterations of that tired joke than that. The most offensive one I've seen is the satirical article "Transspecied dog bites man is not news," which Jared Olar published simultaneously to Pekin Times (and several other newspapers) last March. Olar's mean-spirited and cissexist article is about a fictional six year old boy who wants to become a dog. It is supposed to be ridiculous that adults take the child seriously by speaking of the child as "transspecied," and giving him a "social transition," which includes switching to the pronoun "it." The article parodies the situation of a non-fictional young trans girl who became famous around that time, to whom Olar refers by name. Olar uses the "transspecied dog" to suggest that trans children are probably just playing make-believe, and are too young to know how they identify. I'm confident that Olar had not heard of therianthropes, otherkin, or animal people. It looks like Olar just invented the "transspecied dog" as a straw-man to pick at what Olar believes to be flaws in arguments for the legitimacy of transsexuality.


DLF (justanotherkin), untitled post. 2013-10-09. Just Anotherkin (personal blog). http://justanotherkin.tumblr.com/post/63560415302/what-episode-of-family-guy-was-that-did-it-actually
(I linked to that post with permission from DLF.)

Jared Olar, "Transspecied dog bites man is not news." 2013-03-03. Pekin Times. http://www.pekintimes.com/article/20130303/OPINION/130309948/1001/NEWS
(Warning: lots of pop-up ads, some of which even got through my ad-blockers.)
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Trigger warnings for this article: None that I can think of. Work-safe. The link, however, mentions an adult topic.

There was a brief, polite, and somewhat confusing article about otherkin in Metro Vancouver, a free newspaper. (I’m not sure how to find out whether the article was in print or online only.) The article is called “Otherkin remove masks for Halloween,” by Fitzgerald. (If you can't see the article, you might need to enable JavaScript.) Although Fitzgerald interviewed three people, apparently only one of the interviewees was an otherkin, and the other two do not seem to be obvious choices for people to ask about this subject.

- O. Scribner

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Trigger warnings for this article: none that I can think of. Work-safe.

The Sydney Morning Herald (est. 1831) recently ran an article1 about the vampire subculture’s presence on the Internet, mentioning otherkin as well. “Researcher Danielle Kirby used the ‘Otherkin’, who meet in an online forum and believe they are partially or entirely non-human, to examine the phenomenon. In her paper, she found about 800 members of the Otherkin network, including those who identified as dragons, elves, vampires, fairies and angels. The internet had helped concentrate their underlying broadly neo-pagan beliefs, she said.” This probably refers to Kirby’s essay “Alternative Worlds: Metaphysical Questing and Community amongst the Otherkin” in the anthology Through A Glass Darkly: Reflections on the Sacred.2

- O. Scribner

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Trigger warnings for this article: nothing that I can think of. Safe for work.

2009-02-13, from the NRG Maariv, in Israel:

שרק נראים כמו בני אדם קוראים לי איציק ואני דרקון: על בני אדם
“My name is Isaac and Dragon: the people who only look like humans”

Read the original Hebrew-language article,1 or read the automatic translation of it into English via Google.2 This article is a description of “otherkin,” a word which the original Hebrew text includes in Roman letters, so there can be no doubt. The article talks about how there are three main ways in which otherkin can be explained: biology, spirituality, or mental illness. It tells about the process of “Awakening,” and mentions upcoming otherkin conventions in England and the United States, with a link to otherkin.net. Otherkin.net is an unofficial main web-site of otherkin philosophy, and it seems to be the primary or only source used for this article.

According to Wikipedia, the Israeli Maariv (“Evening”) is a Hebrew-language newspaper, est. 1948, with its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.3 Its online edition, NRG Maariv, has additional sections about Judaism and the New Age.4

Below, I’ve made a version of the article that you could call “auto-translation plus.” Don’t take it too seriously, because I don’t speak Hebrew! I’m just filling in the places where words were lost in auto-translation by looking them up. I’ve italicized the words that I’ve changed, moved, or re-translated, or which I can’t figure out. It’s still not a real translation, but it’s a little bit better than the auto-translation. (The auto-translation didn't know the obscure words and neologisms, so it was almost incomprehensible.) If somebody can provide a real translation, I’d appreciate it! Read more... )

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