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On September 5, 2013 the magazine Pacific Standard published an interview with Shiro Ulv of Wulf Howl regarding his experiences as a therian.  The text of the article is very short, consisting of a one paragraph introduction followed by a list of five bullet-pointed quotes by Ulv.  The introduction conflates actual therians with the fictional portrayals found in certain romance novels, and the image of Ulv howling which the magazine chose to use is in Ulv's words "rather strange".

Following negative reactions to the article which resulted in the photograph used being turned into a meme in various locations, including on reddit, Ulv shut down the Howlnet IRC Network which he had previously maintained.  #Otherkinsight, hosted on that network, moved to the Wolfnet IRC Network provided through Weresource.org prior to Ulv's decision to decommission HowlNet.  Ulv continues to maintain Wulf Howl.

Ulv has previously been featured in the Logo documentary I Think I'm an Animal by ZigZag Productions.
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Content warning: For this article, none. For the linked article: Adult content (description of body modification to genitals). Spiritual beliefs being equated with mental illness. Profanity. Clumsy analogy to transgender people.

Last May: A blog re-posted an interview with Luke, a Daonine-Sithe elf otherkin. This interview was supposedly originally published in “Dirty Bristow, a now dormant magazine,” but there’s no date or issue number given for when it was originally published.

Luke’s interview is mostly made of dubious claims. As Disinformation pointed out, “he worships Corellon, God of the Elves – a deity created for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.” I haven’t seen anyone else use his slang “Innate Species Persona (ISP),” and a search for that phrase only brings up his interview. I haven’t found evidence of people in the otherkin or therianthrope communities doing extreme body modifications at all, particularly not the one he describes. He claims there were groups of supposed otherkin back to the medieval ages, but there's no evidence of this. His description of the typical dragon otherkin doesn’t sound like he's been in the dragon community. His interview is the only Google result for the group Political Inclusiveness for Xenontic Individuals (PIXI). I don't know what "Xenontic" means, but a search for it mostly brings up role-playing resources.


Danny Smith (?), “Elf Reforms – an interview with an Otherkin.” 2013-05-28. Edge Trinkets (blog). http://edgetrinkets.com/2013/05/28/this-is-from-dirty-bristow-a-now-dormant/

Matt Staggs, “An Interview With An Otherkin.” 2013-05-28. Disinformation (online magazine). http://disinfo.com/2013/05/an-interview-with-an-otherkin/
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Fortean Times - Special Creatures Of The Night Issue
"Fortean Bureau Of Investigation - Creatures Of The Night"
By George Binning - Issue 288 - Pages 40-42 - June 2012

The Werewolf/Therian Community and Vampire Community is discussed on pages 40-42; including Greg's interactions with WolfVanZandt.

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Fortean Times v. 283, the January 2012 issue, has an article on Otherkin. It's rather sympathetic and, I think, a bit more thorough than the usual blurb the topic often gets. A PDF of the issue can be downloaded here. The article is on pages 44-46.

(But I sure hope they asked Otherkin Alliance if they could use their logo...!)

eta: According to Qarael, one of the OKA admins, as far as xe knew nobody had asked recently for permission to use their logo. Not cool, Fortean Times. >:(
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Trigger warnings: violence, crime, trolling (harassment). Not described in graphic detail.

The following post uses excerpts from my newly updated free e-book, Otherkin Timeline, as well as excerpts from earlier posts on Otherkin News. This isn't a complete overview of everything on Otherkin News in 2011, just a selection of relatively significant events. During the latter half of this year, I became very active with researching current events in or related to the otherkin community, and began posting regularly to the Otherkin News blog. As a result, I have more information about events during the latter half of 2011 than the early half. Would you please help fill in some events from the first half of 2011?

During this year, an otherkin community blossomed on the blog-hosting site Tumblr.com. This includes the creation of a blog called ’Kin Speak, which people can post to anonymously. In the last couple of months of the year, the otherkin community on Tumblr came to be frequently vandalized and trolled (harassed), but the otherkin there didn't falter in their high level of activity. Meirya wrote about how the otherkin community on Tumblr differs from any before.

2011-01: Someone claiming to be from a casting department spammed the otherkin and therian forums to search for someone to interview for a purported documentary TV show about otherkin that would air on the Animal Planet channel. So far, nothing has come of it, but members of the WereList forums are researching it, with trigger warnings for that link: adult topics. Currently, it looks like it's a genuine casting call, not a phishing scam, but the show would also feature some adult topics.

2011-08-14: The first annual Mer-Con 2011, the world’s largest mermaid convention. Some of the attending self-proclaimed mer-people described a lifelong desire to become real mer-people, or assert that they are now real mer-people. Recently, a participant called Mermaid Shelley reflected on this and other events in the mermaid community during 2011. The mermaid community isn’t connected with the otherkin or therian communities, and is news to me and to the rest of the otherkin I've talked to.

2011-08-13?: A vampire crime. Lyle Monroe B., 19, broke into a stranger's apartment and injured the woman living there, and then told the police that he was a 500 year old vampire, but denied it later, claiming that he’d been under the influence of a drug. I haven’t found any follow-up articles explaining what the authorities concluded about him.

2011-08-29: Media. A polite article introducing otherkin to outsiders is published in a Polish-language women’s online magazine, We-Dwoje, which is otherwise mostly about fashion and health. The article is “Otherkin – a quirk, or a fantastic way to live?

2011-09: A vampire/werewolf crime. Stephanie P., 18, was charged with accessory to the murder of Jacob H., 16 in July. One of six suspects for involvement in the murder, Stephanie told the news station that she believes herself to be part vampire and part werewolf. Later, she was ruled mentally unfit to stand trial. For a collection of all news articles on this topic, see the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) Media Center forums, with trigger warnings for what the articles describe: murder, rape, violence, blood-drinking, teenagers in a cult, animal sacrifice, some of which is described in graphic detail.

2011-10-04: Media. On Sweden’s channel 5, a TV series titled Outsiders aired an episode about the furry fandom. This includes at least one furry fan who is also a therian. Later, in acknowledgment of this episode, a newspaper editor publicly blogged a joke about killing a child who comes out as trans-species.

2011-11-13: Media. A TV documentary airs on Channel 4 about the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack in Texas, some of whom identify as werewolves, some as vampires. Soon, the vampire community condemned it for showing unsanitary and dangerous blood-drinking practices.

2011-11-17: An early group of elf people called the Silver Elves return one of their books to print: An Elfin Book of Spirits: Evoking the Beneficent Powers of Faerie.

2011-12-05: Ashlyn Nafina prints To Dream, Perchance to Soar, an urban fantasy novel with intentional themes of the otherkin experience.

2011-12-20: The Forest Voice, an independent magazine “for those among us who are nonhuman in nature,” releases its first issue.

- O. Scribner
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Cover image for the magazine.
Trigger warnings: nothing that I can think of.

The Forest Voice, an independent magazine “for those among us who are nonhuman in nature,” has today released its first issue, “Walking Man's Road,” as a free downloadable computer file (PDF) designed to be printed out on letter-size paper. It's listed on ZineLibrary,1 and the file itself is hosted on Mediafire.2

The editor of the magazine, a winged person named Tsu, is accepting art, articles, and other media for the next issue. The submission deadline for the upcoming Spring issue is on 2012-03-01. See this post for details.3

See also this related article, shown earlier on Otherkin News: Last chance to submit articles to zine glamourbomb (2011-11-30).

- O. Scribner

Sources )
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Magazine cover adorned with an old-fashioned illustration of a stag and a unicorn.
Trigger warnings: nothing that I can think of.

The Forest Voice, an independent magazine “for those among us who are nonhuman in nature,” will publish its first issue this winter. The editor, a winged person named Tsu, called for people to submit art and articles of various kinds for in the magazine:

“stories, poetry, art, quotes, essays, glamourbombs, recipes, anything you like. … Anything that blurs fantasy and reality (making it seem like you are writing as a physical nonhuman in this world) is particularly welcome, as I hope this zine will also be a glamourbomb, for people who don’t know about nonhumans.”

Are you interested in seeing your work in this magazine? Send it in, but hurry: submissions for this issue will close on the afternoon of December 1, 2011, after which the editor will begin accepting submissions for the spring issue.

- O. Scribner
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Trigger warnings for this article: surgical body modification, body issues, gender issues, mental health.

Here's a list of some new projects, articles, blogs, and translations from the past few months. (And, in some cases, some that I discovered only in the past few months, but which existed earlier than that. I assume they could use a little publicity.) I intend to post a summary of new otherkin creations of this kind each month from now on. The highlights of the projects listed here include: plans to bring recognition for otherkin by means of something resembling the OpenID system, a couple articles about surgical body modification for otherkin, and several articles exploring whether being otherkin should be diagnosed as a mental variation.


Tsu, a winged person, is collecting entries for the first issue of a new otherkin ’zine, The Forest Voice. Tsu told me via e-mail that when finished, this will be available in both PDF and print-on-demand. The theme for the issue is “walking man’s road: the difficulty of living as nonhuman in the human world.” Do you have any writing or art to offer?
Trigger warnings: homesickness, but it's not currently described in a vivid way.

Spectrum-X, a mage, wants to write a “directory on post-human/species modification,” an organized collection of links that tell how people can physically transform themselves by means of virtual reality, costumes, and surgery. Send ideas! There’s not much to see there yet, but the directory will be at this web-site.
Trigger warnings: body issues, surgery. Currently not graphic, but may become graphic later.


Feathertail’s otherkin FAQ,” by Feathertail, 2011-10-05,
Another introduction to otherkin, this one offering genuinely common questions with quite brief answers, well organized in sections: the basics; how to relate to otherkin; otherkin and religion; otherkin-ness and you.
Trigger warnings: none that I can think of.

“‘Non-human,’” by an anonymous bird otherkin, 2011-10-30.
On problems with calling ourselves “non-human:” it defines us by what we are not; and it denies our humanity, which is not the best solution.
Trigger warnings: none that I can think of.

The skeptical otherkin #1: ‘Otherkin are delusional,’” by Feathertail, 2011-10-17.
An otherkin considers various aspects of how one can argue that otherkin are delusional.
Trigger warnings: mental health issues, ableist language.

The skeptical otherkin #2: Relatively speaking,” by Feathertail, 2011-10-22.
Should otherkin be silenced so the concept won’t spread? Examining a slippery slope fallacy.
Trigger warnings: vividly describes religious intolerance.

Transspecies diagnosis,” by Rua, 2011-09-27.
Rua, a sidhe, argues that the DSM-IVTR criterion for gender identity disorder (transgender) matches otherkin so closely that one need only swap the word “gender” for “species.” Rua argues that if we could get transspecies recognized as a mental “disorder,” it could be a step toward getting otherkin accepted as something for real… and acknowledges that this would be sort of an ironic way of accomplishing this.
Trigger warnings: gender issues, body issues, mental health issues, ableist language.

Redefining p-shifting,” by Tsu, 2011-10-25.
Tsu argues that otherkin should consider surgery and virtual reality as a real way to attain physical transformation. Gives a few speculative examples.
Trigger warnings: body issues, surgery. Not graphic.

I love you all; how can I help,” by Feathertail, 2011-10-21.
Forming plans to create an OpenID system for non-human avatars in virtual and augmented reality, as a way for otherkin to achieve mainstream recognition.
Trigger warnings: none that I can think of.

Here’s how I can help,” by Feathertail, 2011-10-25
Sequel to the above article.
Trigger warnings: none that I can think of.

Deconstruction of an idea,” by Feathertail, 2011-11-09.
Further thoughts on how to create an OpenID system for non-human avatars. Considering the role of a personality quiz in constructing such a thing.
Trigger warnings: none that I can think of.

More on tagging,” by Feathertail, 2011-11-12.
Further thoughts on how to create an OpenID system for non-human avatars.
Trigger warnings: none that I can think of.

“The otherkin (Die Anderen - Otherkin),” by Apu Kuntur (Stefan N. K.), no date.
A dragon/seraphim otherkin points out the connection between dragons and angels: seraphim, the Biblical “fiery flying serpents.”
Original German, and English translation.
Trigger warnings: vivid description of metaphysical experiences.

“I, an angel? Flying With Angel Wings - The Path to Myself (Ich, ein Engel? Auf Engelsflügeln zur Erkenntnis),” by Apu Kuntur (Stefan N. K.), no date.
More thoughts on the similarities of dragons and angelic seraphim.
Original German, and English translation.
Trigger warnings: vivid description of metaphysical experiences.


Pride – ett tal (Pride—a speech),” by Susitar, 2011-08-06.
(In Swedish.) Transcript of a speech about therianthropy, delivered at a Pride event by a wolf therian.
Trigger warnings: gender issues, body issues.

Ich bin ein Drache (Die Otherkin-FAQ) (I am a dragon [The otherkin FAQ]),” by Apu Kuntur (Stefan N. K.), no date.
(In German.) Based on, but not completely a translation of, Baxil’s Draconity FAQ in English.
Trigger warnings: ableism.


Laopa produced a Spanish translation of Wolf Van Zandt’s article "History of therianthropy and the therian community," which was originally in English.
Trigger warnings: mental health, metaphysics, brief description of some unhappy conflicts in the community.

Smokowatość FAQ (Draconity FAQ),” by Baxil, Polish translation by Nufuwyr.
About those who call themselves dragons.
Trigger warnings: ableism.


Kin Diet, by (author not stated?), first post 2011-10-02.
A collection of recipes selected to please various types of otherkin and therians.
Trigger warnings: this link sometimes describes and includes photographs of foods likely to make certain readers feel uncomfortable, including meat and blood.

- O. Scribner

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