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Trigger warnings: Publicity trouble, derision.

Grantland.com has a couple of articles about the recent documentaries that have animal people in them. Grantland, established in 2011, is an online magazine focusing on sports and pop culture. ESPN owns it.1 Both of these articles come from Tara Ariano’s article series about television documentaries that Ariano considers to be “freak shows.” The tone is derisive. Yesterday’s article dealt with Boomer the Dog on Taboo USA.2 Another article in the series, from last April, talks about the appearance of Steven and Timothy in “I think I’m an animal.”3

For a round-up of all news about the “I think I’m an animal” documentary, see this earlier post on Otherkin News, which I updated today with more links.


1. “Bill Simmons.” Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Simmons
(Bill Simmons is the editor-in-chief of Grantland.)
2. Tara Ariano, “Freak Show & Tell: Something to put all that ‘otherkin’ stuff into perspective.” 2013-06-11. Grantland. http://www.grantland.com/blog/hollywood-prospectus/post/_/id/79238/freak-show-tell-something-to-put-all-that-otherkin-stuff-into-perspective
3. Tara Ariano, “Freak Show & Tell: A lovingly illustrated interspecies romance.” 2013-04-30. Grantland. http://www.grantland.com/blog/hollywood-prospectus/post/_/id/75646/freak-show-tell-a-lovingly-illustrated-interspecies-romance
[identity profile] lost-shadowwolf.livejournal.com
Hey, just thought I would give you guys a heads up. I was just contacted by zigzag the production company that produced the recently otherkin documentary. They have informed me that the documentary will be aired in the U.K sometime in July on the TLC channel. Though you guys would want to know :)
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Trigger warnings: None.

In April, a documentary about otherkin (therianthropes, actually) aired on the Logo TV channel. It was also on some countries’ TLC channels, and the full episode was officially streamed on the Internet. It was an episode of the WHAT!? series, titled “I think I’m an animal,” produced by Zig Zag, and Shiro was in it.

I’d like to collect responses to the documentary from people who actually watched the show. Readers, would you please help me with this? Please send me links to blog posts about it that were written by as many viewers as possible. I want to hear lots of opinions and commentary on it, from inside and outside the otherkin and therianthrope communities.

- O. Scribner
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Therians & Otherkin: Please take a moment to cast your vote in the following three (3) polls regarding the Logo TV Documentary, ‘What!? I Think I’m An Animal’.


VCN is acting as a neutral party in this discussion by hosting these polls so that the Therian and Otherkin communities may better understand and evaluate their position and/or opinions on media depictions of their subculture(s).  We will leave this documentary poll active and the results visible on a permanent basis via VCN so that your communities may reference it in the future.
[identity profile] lost-shadowwolf.livejournal.com
Hello all,

As I have read from your community I can tell your aware of a recentlyl documentary done by zigzag productions about otherkin. I participated in this documentary, though I have no actually seen it yet. I can only hope that from what questions I was asked and what things they were interested that my husband and I are not seen as complete idiots. I dont know anything about the other otherkins that were interviewed but I can speak for my husband and my self that while the whole process was a tad intrusive the reason why we choose to do it was for all the awakening kin out there that think they are alone. I had a feeling I would get a lot of flack from the otherkin community for doing this, which is fine as I didnt do it for them. I just wanted to say that my experience with the production team was that they asked very respectful and insightful questions, they were genuinely interested and never did anything my husband and I were not comfortable with. I hope I get a chance to watch it soon, though I can imagine watching my self on t.v will be a very odd experience.

aka Luna
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Trigger warnings: Publicity, social drama.

This Tuesday, at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time, a documentary about otherkin will air on the Logo TV channel. As such, bloggers and administrators of sites about otherkin should be prepared for more web traffic later this week. Regardless of what TV channels you get, anyone in the world will be able to watch the show on its official web-site.

Below, a chronological list of all the articles we've had on the Otherkin News blog about this upcoming documentary.

This post has been updated on 2013-06-12, to add more articles to this list.

2012-02-24: Media Exploiting Therians & Otherkin. Therianthrope Shiro tells people not to participate in this documentary.
2013-01-03: Upcoming otherkin documentary
2013-01-12: Upcoming otherkin documentary 2. Some background on Shiro's decision to participate in the discovery after telling others not to.
2013-01-20: When and where can we see Logo TV’s otherkin documentary?
2013-02-11: TV documentary about otherkin for April or May. We start to have a vague idea of when the episode will air.
2013-03-18: Otherkin Documentary to air on Logo on April 23rd at 10PM EST. We discover the air date and title of the episode: "I think I'm an animal." (Its working title was "Otherkin.")
2013-03-20: Otherkin Documentary, Preview on Youtube. It aired first in Russia.
2013-03-23: Otherkin documentary airs in other countries earlier than in US. It aired in Norway and Sweden.
2013-04-26: Grantland article about the documentary.
2013-04-27: Luna talks about having appeared in this documentary.
2013-04-29: Polls asking otherkin and therianthropes what they think of the documentary.
2013-05-18: Call for responses to the documentary.
2013-05-28: The documentary will be shown in the UK in July.
2013-06-12: Another Grantland article about the documentary.
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Trigger warnings: Publicity.

Zig Zag productions featured Shiro (a wolf therianthrope) and some other therianthropes in an upcoming one-hour documentary about otherkin. In the United States, the “Otherkin” episode will air the Logo TV channel’s documentary series WHAT!?1 on April 23, Tuesday.2 However, in other countries, the episode will air earlier, on their TLC channels, under a different title, translating to “I think I’m an animal.” Apparently the documentary aired in Russia on or before March 2.3 The documentary will air in Norway4 and Sweden tomorrow on March 24, Sunday.5 These are all the same documentary in which Shiro participated. It remains to be seen how different the regional versions of it will be from each other.

- O. Scribner


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5. "Mitt liv som djur." TV-rutan.se. n.d. http://www.tvrutan.se/program/35961940116211359733953.html
[identity profile] shiroulv.livejournal.com
According to Logo's own press release, and their TV Schedule for April, the documentary will air on their channel on April 23rd at 10PM Eastern Standard Time. The episode name is "I think I'm an animal". I have emailed Zig Zag requesting that I get sent the preview I was promised and given the chance to review it for factual accuracy before it airs. I will post further developments on this to the group for the sake of transparency. ~Shiro
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Trigger warning: Publicity.

The Logo TV schedule for March doesn't list the "Otherkin" episode of the WHAT!? documentary series, but it does list a few episodes of WHAT!? that don't say what episodes they are. Maybe one of those could be the "Otherkin" episode. The unlabeled episodes are on Tuesday 12 and Friday 15 of March. The schedule for April isn't available yet.
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Warnings: None.

On Logo TV, the WHAT!? Logo Documentaries series will air an episode about otherkin this season, by Zig Zag Productions. The Logo TV program schedule for March has become available. The "Otherkin" episode isn't shown in March, either. We still don't know exactly when to expect the episode. I don't know how to find out how long seasons are for this series, so it could be in April or May.

- O. Scribner

See also all the earlier posts on Otherkin News regarding the upcoming "Otherkin" documentary on Logo TV:
Media exploiting therians & otherkin (by Shiro).
Upcoming otherkin documentary.
Upcoming otherkin documentary 2.
Where and when can we see Logo TV's otherkin documentary?
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Trigger warning: Publicity.

The "Otherkin" documentary is part of a documentary series called WHAT!? Logo Documentaries. The series focus isn't on people in the LGBT community. (Nor is that of Logo TV, overall, anymore. The channel officially moved its focus off of the LGBT community last year.1) As described on Logo TV's website, the WHAT!? series focus is to

"explore unusual worlds, people, and experiences outside the everyday and sometimes outside our comfort zone. It's a riveting peek behind the curtain exploring hidden worlds where unusual and fascinating individuals break new ground every day. The 'WHAT!?' factor derives sometimes from fascination, and sometimes from outrage, at times joyous, at times raucous, always outside the ordinary, and never boring. This season […] discover a community in touch with their inner animal."2

The above excerpt informs us that the "Otherkin" episode will air during "this season." The Logo program schedule available online lists all showtimes for January and February, and the "Otherkin" episode isn't in them.3 This means we could expect the episode in March, April, or May. (I don't know when the series' season ends, but I assume it could be as late as May. Apparently the length of TV seasons varies. Anyone know?) After it airs, you'll be able to watch the full episode online for free. It will be on the WHAT!? Logo Documentaries page4 of the official Logo TV website.4

I still don't know exactly when the "Otherkin" episode will air, but now we have a better general idea. We also know that everyone who wants to see it will be able to do so.

- O. Scribner


1. Ben Harvey, "R.I.P., Gay TV: A Not-So-Sad Reality." 2012-02-29. Huffington Post: The Blog. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ben-harvey/gay-tv_b_1305595.html
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4. "WHAT!? Logo Documentaries." Logo TV. http://www.logotv.com/shows/what_logo_documentaries/series.jhtml
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Trigger warnings: Publicity, social drama.

A follow-up on the earlier post here about the upcoming "Otherkin" documentary produced by Zig Zag on the Logo channel.

There's another summary of the "Otherkin" documentary on TV Mole.1

The furry news blog, Flayrah, collected much of what is known so far about the documentary in an article earlier this January, "Otherkin to feature in hour-long Logo 'What?!' documentary."2

Here's more detail on the wolf therianthrope Shiro's participation in the documentary. Last February3 and October,4 when Zig Zag was calling for otherkin to participate in the documentary, Shiro publicly condemned the producers. In these public blog posts, Shiro called Zig Zag "spammers" and "abusive media," said he banned Zig Zag representatives from the forums, and recommended that others ban them too. Shiro wrote in February, "This group is known for exploiting people they cast, and should be avoided at all costs. [...] Please be safe, and reject requests of this nature." However, after telling everyone else not to participate in the documentary, Shiro participated in the documentary himself. In November,5 he made a public blog post titled "Official Statement regarding PERSONAL involvement with ZigZag Productions," explaining why he did this, and how it went.

I haven't seen anything stating the exact broadcast date yet. We only know to expect it in early or spring 2013. If anybody finds out when it's due, please e-mail me.

- O. Scribner.

1. TV Mole, "Greenlit: Otherkin, Logo." 2012-12-06. TV Mole. http://www.tvmole.com/2012/12/greenlit-otherkin-logo
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5. Shiro U., "Official Statement regarding PERSONAL involvement with ZigZag Productions." 2012-11-03. Howls of the wolf. http://blog.wulfhowl.com/post/34945992954/official-statement-regarding-personal-involvement-with
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Trigger warning: Publicity.

A one hour documentary about otherkin will soon air on the Logo TV channel: “Otherkin,” by Zig Zag productions. The documentary features Shiro, a teenager from Georgia who identifies as a wolf. Summaries of the upcoming documentary are available on RealScreen,1 C21Media,2 and (behind a paywall) BroadcastNow.3

- O. Scribner


1. Adam Benzine, “Exclusive: Logo, Zig Zag to examine ‘Otherkin.’” 2012-12-04. RealScreen. http://realscreen.com/2012/12/04/exclusive-logo-zig-zag-to-examine-otherkin
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[identity profile] shiroulv.livejournal.com
I have recently posted a bulletin on Wulf Howl about some of the emails, posts, and other requests going around for therians to be interviewed for a television series or similar. I firmly believe that this is an attempt to exploit the community for the purpose of producing a high shock-value television show. Below, I have quoted the post on Wulf Howl containing evidence that supports my theory. Be safe, and don't give out info to these people! You may view the original thread on Wulf Howl here, it will be updated as we uncover more evidence.

From Wulf Howl:

Wulf Howl has recently had a user join under the name PRIMAL_researcher, who has private messaged a few users requesting they be interviewed for a television series on Animal Planet regarding their experience as a member of the therianthrope and otherkin communities. Our administration team was able to verify that this user was a representative of GRBTV, and was operating under the domain names of (http://myprimalbehavior.com/) and (http://primalprod.com/).

In case you weren't already aware, GRBTV is responsible for producing television shows of high shock value. This includes shows such as "Intervention", "Animal Hoarders", "American Occult" and more. We believe that many individuals whom have been casted for shows produced by GRBTV have been exploited - being told they were being cast in order to make their differences "accepted" or "understood", only to find out that they were made to look like freaks on national television - severely damaging reputation, and possibly careers of these individuals.

Upon searching the IP address they registered with, which for your reference, is, we found out via searching StopForumSpam that they had registered on another forum using an email at the domain (http://petfamily.org/), which seems to be an attempt to entice people into being cast for "Animal Hoarders", just in the same way they were doing to our community!

Due to this, we believe that GRBTV is only interested in shock-value, and that allowing them to seek interviews on Wulf Howl can only harm members of the community. For this reason, we have issued a ban on the user, and requested that members of their studio do not access Wulf Howl, or use any material here for their productions.

If you wish to be cast by them, it is up to each individual member, but we are not going to allow them to use Wulf Howl as a platform to exploit people and we recommend that you deny any requests from them to be interviewed or otherwise.

Please feel free to reference this thread on other therianthropy communities, or even copy & paste it.

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